10 Things that you can experience only in Spain

We see a lot of people visiting Spain every year. Do we know the exact reason behind it? Well, it is simply because of the unique aura that it has. With places ranging from beaches to archeological monuments, as well as exotic dishes and drinks, Spain does come up at the top of the list amongst all other places to be visited by the tourists. People traveling to Spain for the first time must make sure to visit the following places mentioned below in order to make their trip an un-forgetful journey.

Balearic Islands: On the West Coast of Spain, you can find four small islands that as a whole completes the Balearic Islands. All the four islands are different from the others. One of the famous stopping points that you can make is at Ibiza, which is known for its exotic parties as well as a place where you can find some of the finest Spanish dishes in the world. Formentera and Menorca are places where you can find classic beaches, mountains, and greenery all across the place.

10 things that you can experience only in spain
Balearic Islands

Costa Del Sol: Situated alongside the seashore, it is said that around 2 million travelers annually descend to this classic resort. The resort is known for its plethora of culturalhistoric as well as recreational delights which will let you know more about the Spanish land.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 1
Costa Del Sol

Skiing: Firstly experiencing the magnificent view of the mountains itself takes us to the other dimension but if allowed to have a trip across its surrounding by being the lone rider with minimal experience does take it all together to a new world. Sierra Nevada mountains are one place in Spain that you must include in your itinerary due to the fact that you get a chance to experience the natural beauty all yourself while skiing from the top to the bottom to the beach where you can get yourself tanned along the seashore.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 2
Skiing in Sierra Naveda Mountains

BarcelonaChurch of the Sacred Family: It is said to be one of the tallest Churches across the world. The Church was established in the year 1852 and is stated to be incomplete as its completion will state the world’s end. The architects who are responsible for constructing this magnificent structure until now, find humongous difficulties to finish the structure as the fear itself makes them a bit nervous in this regard. As the structure has finite distinctions and every portion is made in such a manner that it will for sure make you go awe about the place.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 3
Church of Sacred Family

Canary Islands: The Island is known for its eternal spring season. People visiting this place will surely feel the aura as soon as they reach near the Islands. You can visit the La Rambleta and enjoy the scenic view of the mountains. Other things that you can aspire to do are visiting La Laguna with Historic residences and partying at Santa Cruz which is said to be out of the world experience.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 4
La Rambleta

Zip Line Experience: Only do we see in movies that some of the serious action sequences involve heroes or stuntman to traverse from one place to the other through zip line. Well, now every individual can experience and have the same feel by opting for a zip line ride. The adventure was termed as Limite Zero, by David Jarman’s innovative Project. Individuals have the opportunity to cross over the Guadiana River that divides both Spain and Portugal. To cover the entire stretch, it takes only a minute where a person experiences time zone changes as well as between the countries Spain and Portugal.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 5
Zip Line Experience

Ice bar: Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a drink on the ice bar? Well, you can find this place only in Spain located in the beach of El SomorrostroBarcelona facing the light blue waters of the Mediterranean-sea. The entire spectacle is made out of ice and is a must place to visit while in Spain.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 6

European Desert: The dessert is bounded by the mountains of Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Los Filabres as well as Sierra de AlhamillaAlmeria is the province of this semi-desert in the whole of Europe. Its Lunar landscapes, as well as hyper-arid climate, makes it one of the most spectacular places in the continent. Many Hollywood movies use this dessert as a prime location for directing their movies. One of the most famous movies “The Good, Bad and Ugly” was directed at this place.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 7
European Dessert

Desserts special: A place to have the only dessert restaurant in the world. Many of us crave for desserts at least once a day. It is quite rare that most of the places tend to serve the purpose. To be frank, the dessert restaurant is something that a person should visit if in Barcelona, Spain. It is designed in accordance to the latest ambiance and you know what, it also lets armatures learn a bit of an art of patisserie.

10 things that you can experience only in spain 8

Tomb of Christopher Columbus: All of us know that Christopher Columbus was one of the most renowned discoverers, but we never had an idea of his place of remains. Cathedral of Seville is said to belong to Christopher Columbus and recent DNA tests have proven that, in fact, has proven the fact that remains do belong to Christopher Columbus. The architecture of the Cathedral of Seville does pretty sure represents Kingdom of AragonLeonNavarre as well as Castile.



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