11 places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The world that we live in has several wonders hidden in different parts of the world. Each beach has its own significance similar to which it is the same as the mountains or the terrains. Today, we as a whole form the top of the food chart. Every other place across the world has been inhabited by humans except the Antarctic. Today, we are going to get to know about a place that is quite different from the regular destinations that one finds across the European Nations. It is none other than Bosnia and Herzegovina. Keep reading to find more about the place.

1. Old bridge: Also termed as Mostar Bridge as well as Stari Most is one of the oldest bridge that was rebuilt in the year 1983. It was originally termed as Ottoman Bridge. Suleman the magnificent was the one to commission this bridge in the year 1557 and even today, it is considered to be an amazing Belkan Islamic architectural masterpiece. In the city of Mostar, the bridge was built with perfection which stood strong for more than 427 years before the paramilitary forces of Croat destroyed the architectural beauty during the war between Bosniak and Croat forces. It was constructed over the river “Neverta” that connected both the two cities Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bridge was reinstated and opened for public use in the year 2004. It is surely a place to visit while in this amazing city.

11 places to visit in bosnia and herzegovina
2. Kravica waterfalls: It is also termed as Kravice and is one of the largest tufa cascades to exist in the Trebizat river. It is located in the heartland of Herzegovina. The Kravica waterfall is just 40 KMS from the Old Bridge commonly known as Stari Most. Along with the presence of a small cafe, a rope swing as well as a picnic area, it is something that everyone would enjoy during the summers. The best time to visit the Kravica waterfalls is during the spring season when the surrounding landscape looks lush green.
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3. Bascarsija: It is located quite close to the Miljacka River. Here people can find different kinds of oriental products across the streets. Bascarsija is also termed as one of the most prominent street markets in the heart of the capital Sarajevo. The entire market sector consists of several mazes and is surely a hotspot for people interested in buying artifacts or products made using the same concept that was in place for several hundred years. The name has been derived from the Turkish language which states it as the “main commercial street”. One might surely get an overall different experience which is usually not the same from other parts of the world.
11 places to visit in bosnia and herzegovina 2
4. Sarajevo tunnel: It is also termed as Spasa tunnel. Another name that it has is the “tunnel of hope”. The tunnel was built during the year 1993-94 amidst the Bosnian war. It was constructed through the name of Code – DB with the utility of connecting Dobrinja and Butmir. This lets the food supplies, humanitarian help into the city. Today, people from all over the world visit this place in Sarajevo.
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5. Jahorina: It is a famous mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located at the municipalities of Pale, the scenic beauty is explicit. The elevation of the Jahorina mountain is around 1916 meters or 6286 feet making it the second-largest mountain after Bjelasnica in Sarajevo. It is surely a must place to visit when in Bosnia.
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6. Sutjeska national park: It is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The park got instated in the year 1962. The location includes the highest peak located at Montenegro named Maglic which has a height of 2386 Metres. It is also famous for the Battle of Sutjeska that took place in the year 1943 during World War II. People visiting Bosnia are advised to visit this park without fail during the trip.
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7. Bijela Tabija: It is an old fort located in the capital of Bosnia i.e. Sarajevo. It is 667 meters above sea level. The fort is said to consist of ammunition storage as well as gun-crew. The thick walls of the fort also had passages for large cannons to fire during wars. The Bijela Tabija is said to be built around the year 1550 with its perimeter rectangular in dimensions.
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8. Ramsko lake: Located in the Municipality of Prozor-Rama, it is an artificial lake of Bosnia. The lake was constructed in the year 1968 during the construction of Rama Dam, over the river Rama. It also serves as a reservoir to store Rama’s waters for the Hydroelectric Power station located in the city. The temperature of the sea is stated to be around 7.5 degrees Celcius.
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9. Cvrscnia: It is one of the mountains located in the Dinarides of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the northern part of Herzegovina. Another thing that this mountain is special or is the fact that it has three types of climates. One being the Mediterranean at the base, alpine on summits and plateaus as well as central European along the hillsides. Here during the period from January and February, people can find snow precipitation. It can be stated to be 2.5 – 3 M in thickness. The upper portion of the plateau is mostly covered in snow for around 6 months from November to April.
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10. Sutjeska River: It is a river located across the Sutjeska National Park. The meaning of the name stands for Gorge Cannon. The length of the river is somewhere around 35 KMS. It is the tributary of river Drina that meets it along the southside of Foca. The Maglic mountain and Zelengora mountain are divided by Sutjeska River. The best part is the viewpoint serves as a grandeur look of carved Canyon.

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11. Prenj: Another mountain range and terrain located across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The actual name is derived from the supreme deity of Slavic mythology. When we speak of the geographical location, it is part of the Dinaric Alps. Another interesting part of the place is the fact that it was supposedly used in the frontline during the 1992-95 war.

11 places to visit in bosnia and herzegovina 10


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