15 best places to visit in Italy

One of the best places located alongside the Mediterranean sea is Italy. It is one of the best tourist spots for individuals across the world. People visit the place as solo, couples or as a family. There are a lot of worthwhile places that people would love to visit while in the country. Keep scrolling down to find some of the best places to visit while in Italy.

15 best places to visit in italy

Rome: If you are visiting Italy for the first time, I am sure you will have this place in your bucket list. It is the capital of Italy. Some of the places are quite renowned across the globe. People in huge numbers visit this place every year. The Great Vatican MuseumColosseumPantheon, as well as Sistine Chapel are some of the places in Rome that you should visit while in the city.

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Siena: One of the smallest towns of Florence, Siena has a lot to offer one of which being peaceful surroundings. Some of the places that one has to visit while in the city are Siena Cathedral as well as the streets of Cobblestoned Roads.

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Milan: Milan is one of the biggest cities in Italy. Not visiting this place is a crime while in Italy. Leonardo Da Vince’s “Last Supper” is a famous place in Milan. Milan is a place where one can find lots of goods made of leather. A perfect place for the shoppers to buy leather goods at the lowest possible price with prime quality.

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Venice: The place is known for its beautiful canal rides. Rialto Bridge and St. Mark Square is perfect for couples. One can visit all the places in Venice within a few days.


Pisa: You might know the Leaning Tower of Pisa as a classical wonder. People visiting the place have the opportunity to climb the tower and get a spectacular view of the city from great heights.

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Pompeii: If you need to name a place in Europe buried with secrets, Pompeii is the first place to come to anybody’s mind. Walking through the ancient city will surely leave you with an amazing experience as well as let you know how individuals of that period uniquely lived their lives. An entire day is needed to visit this place. I can assure you that visiting this place will give you an awesome experience.

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Hilltowns of Tuscan: The place is known for its various medieval period castles. Each of these castles was built during different eras. A person having an interest in architectural history will surely love this place.

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Beautiful Lake Como: It is well along the coastlines of Italy. A sure spot to hop in for couples. The other lakes located near to Lake Como are Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore.

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Verona: It is a place where one can visit the castle Castelvecchio that was built as early as the 14th century.


Naples: It is known to be the third most populated city in Italy. The place is filled with a lot of Museums as well as Churches. The architectural designs of these magnificent structures are sure to make your visit worthful.


Sicily: It is stated that there used to be a lot of villas that existed during the early Roman Periods. Sicily is one such place that has preserved these villas exceptionally well. Just like Naples, this place too has lots of architectural spectacles. one of the prime places is the Greek God Temple. It is called Selinunte and another one which is named as Villa Romana Del Casale. The area that it is spread over is around 3500 sq feet.  The place is as well included in the World Heritage site.


Sardina: Coast Smeralda is located in Sardina. As it is located along the coastlines of the Mediterranean sea, the entire place is spread with a lot of greenery, lush forests and the driving along the roads does turn out to be one hell of a trip. Jet-Ski rides are quite famous over here. A must place to visit while in Italy.


Florence: Shortly known as the Art Capital of Italy. Uffizi Gallery, strolling across the streets while having lots of gelatos is a must-do at this place. Here you get a chance to climb the Duomo as well.


Cinque Terre: Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Manarola as well as Monterosso al Mare are the places or towns that make Cinque Terre as a whole. The view itself makes it exuberant and people visiting this place are sure to have altogether a different experience.

Cinque terre

Ravello: In short, a photographic place in Italy. People visiting here are known to take a lot of places as it is located right above the shore at a height of around 365 M from the sea level.


The most top rated, as well as specified, is the list of 15 best places to visit in Italy. We would be glad to know which are all the places that you visited while in Italy and would also love to have them in the below comments sections. Suggestions are always welcome.


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