15 things to do in Barcelona

Traveling must be one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Today, we see a lot of people quite busy with their hectic work schedules. Traveling once in every few months eases out all the daily stress that the individual has. There are a lot of places around the world that one needs to visit at least once in a lifetime. Out of the probable destinations, people can consider visiting Barcelona in Spain and spend some of the best days of their lives. Below are some of the best suggestions for travelers while in Barcelona, Spain.
Gaudi and Modernism: This is one of the top attraction for the tourists and people visiting Barcelona for the first time are advised to roam around the streets where one will be able to find the excellent works of Antoni Gaudi. 
15 things to do in barcelona
Mount Montjuic: If a person likes to stroll around greenery, this place is quite apt for them. Tourists visiting this place can also experience the views of 1992 Olympic buildings and the botanical gardens.
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Literature trips: Similar to its neighbor, Barcelona also has some of the oldest as well as renowned works of literature. This place is known for its late 1920s underworld view and this was one of the main inspirations for the writers. The surrounding atmosphere, as well as the eateries in and around the place, make it a must-visit while in Barcelona.
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Interested in Sea Food: It is always said that cities along the seashore are known to serve some of the best kinds of seafood. Barcelona does give a stiff competition to other countries in this aspect. People visiting this place can experience some of the best kinds of seafood around the world.
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Ice Creams: If a person says he/she hates ice cream, then either they are lying or lactose intolerant. One can find the spectacular flavor of ice creams in the city and this would completely complement the surrounding atmosphere of the city.
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Beaches: Even though there are not many beaches in the city, there are a few where people can sunbathe and spend their time relaxing for a while.
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Have an opportunity to be like the locals: One can merge with the city’s locals by celebrating the events that are famous in the place. One such event is the Festes De La Merce. Here people would find extraordinary events ranging from tricks involving fire as well as various other events that individuals of all ages would love.
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Classic Cocktails: This is something that is advised to every traveler visiting the city. Some various bars and pubs provide exotic cocktails with classic surroundings. This is always a smooth way to end your day on a high note.
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Party night: A trip to this place without having the party makes the entire tour dull. Every day, some of the other places might be conducting parties that are worth a visit. 
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Las Ramblas: People visiting Barcelona for the first time should not miss the opportunity of walking along the streets that runs from Placa de Catalunya down to the Columbus monument at the waterfront. Here, one can view the various activities performed by the locales alongside the streets.
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Sagrada Familia: This is one of the tallest church buildings in the world and people visiting Barcelona for the first time must visit this place due to its various architectural styles.
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La Boqueria: This is one of the most iconic sights that one can expect to view in Barcelona. It is believed that the market had existed for the past 200 years. People visiting this place can find different varieties of fruits, vegetables, meats, and various other stuff. The experience of being along with the locales is something that one must experience while in Barcelona.
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Barcelona City History Museum: One can consider this as the best place for people who have interests over historical heritages. This museum allows exploring the remnants of a garum factory, laundries, dyeing shops, and various others. 

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Gracia: This is a small city in Barcelona. Today it looks like the cosmopolitan City with more crowd being the students. One can find a lot of bars, restaurants, pubs and various other shops. People visiting in August have a chance to experience Festa major, where residents come together to decorate the streets as per their imagination.

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Camp Nou: This is one of the largest football grounds with a sitting capacity of 99K seater. People visiting this place could have a magnificent experience of viewing the largest football grounds within Barcelona
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When visiting Barcelona, People could consider these as some of the best spots while touring Barcelona.


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