how to make mixed fried vermicelli
Stir-fried vermicelli mix familiar but equally attractive that everyone loves -(Source: Internet)

How to make mixed fried vermicelli

Ingredients (for 3-4 people)

  • Dried vermicelli: 500 gr
  • Carrots: 2
  • Chicken eggs: 2 eggs
  • Shiitake mushrooms: about 10 petals
  • Price: 150 gr
  • Fresh bamboo shoots: 2 small bulbs
  • Down: 300 gr
  • Tenderloin: 250 gr
  • Cucumber: 1 piece
  • Celery, green onion, cilantro, minced red onion
  • Seasoning: sugar, salt, pepper, fish sauce, cooking oil, seasoning seeds

Steps to make mixed fried vermicelli

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

– Dried vermicelli: after buying, you should cut into bite-sized pieces, then soak in water for about 15 minutes to soften.

– Chicken eggs: break eggs into a bowl, season with a little pepper and seasoning, beat. Then, heat the pan with a little cooking oil, when the oil is hot, put the eggs in and fry until the eggs are cooked evenly, then let them cool down, then cut them into small pieces.

– Tenderloin: wash with salt water, then rinse with cold water, cut into bite-sized pieces, season with a little seasoning, fish sauce, and pepper, leave for about 15 minutes, then use a pan to fry eggs, add a little oil and stir-fry. Cook until tender, then remove and set aside.

– Spring rolls: you also cut the fibers to the same size as eggs.

– Carrots, fresh bamboo shoots: grate, wash, and slice to taste.

– Price: picked up, then washed, drained. Green onions, cilantro: washed, finely chopped.

– Cucumber: cut 2 ends, wash, cut diagonally to taste.

Shiitake mushrooms: washed, soaked in water until bloom, then sliced ​​thin.

Celery: pick up the damaged part, wash it, cut it into bite-sized pieces.

ingredients for making mixed fried vermicelli
Mixed fried ingredients (Photo: Internet)

Step 2: Stir-fry the vermicelli

– You can continue to use the pan that has fried eggs and stir-fry meat, put in a little cooking oil, wait for the oil to boil, then add red onions and fry until fragrant. Add carrots, asparagus, seasoning and stir well.

– When the carrots and bamboo shoots are slightly firm, add the vermicelli and stir-fry. Note: you can add a little water to make the vermicelli grow evenly but still ensure the toughness of the vermicelli.

– You add the bean sprouts, cucumber and shiitake mushrooms and stir-fry, then season to taste. Next, stir in the sausages, eggs, and tenderloin. Note: at this stage you should stir-fry quickly because all ingredients are sliced, so it’s very quick to cook.

– You add the celery last, stir until the celery is cooked again, then add the scallions, stir for the last time and then turn off the stove.

Step 3: Present the dish

– For fried vermicelli, sprinkle some ground pepper and add cilantro. Serve with soy sauce and a few slices of chili. So you complete the fried vermicelli.

How to make fried vermicelli with chicken hearts

how to make fried vermicelli with chicken hearts
Stir-fried vermicelli with chicken intestines with quick and compact processing steps, suitable for when you don’t have time to cook – (Source: Internet)


  • Dried vermicelli: 200 gr
  • Chicken intestines: 3-4 sets
  • Carrot: of
  • Wood ear , shiitake mushrooms: 50 gr . each
  • Minced onion, green onion, cilantro, spices.


– For dry vermicelli: you prepare as above

– After buying chicken intestines, squeeze with salt and then wash with white wine to eliminate odors, then rinse with water. Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and marinate with salt and pepper, clear fish sauce and leave for 15 minutes to absorb the spices.

– Wood ear, shiitake mushrooms soaked in water to bloom, then washed and sliced. Peel the carrots and chop them.

– Put the pan on and bring the cooking oil to a boil, add the minced onions and fry until fragrant, then drop the chicken intestines and stir well, when the intestines are just cooked, continue to stir-fry the vermicelli, continue to add the wood ear, in turn. Shiitake mushrooms, carrots stir-fry together.

– When all ingredients are cooked, turn off the heat, sprinkle with scallions, washed and chopped cilantro.

– Put the fried vermicelli on a plate, sprinkle a little pepper to complete the dish.

How to make seafood fried vermicelli


Ingredients for stir-fried vermicelli with seafood
Prepare ingredients for fried seafood vermicelli (Photo: Internet)
  • Dried vermicelli: 200 gr
  • Fresh squid, black tiger shrimp: about 200 gr . each
  • Carrots, onions: 1 each
  • Minced purple onion
  • Spice

Steps to make seafood fried vermicelli

– Dried vermicelli: preliminary processing as above

– Carrots: grate the outer skin, wash, and slice.

– Onion: peel the outer skin, add areca. Green onions, cilantro: washed, cut into pieces.

– Squid: wash, cut into bite-sized pieces, drain.

– Shrimp: peel, remove the head, tail, back line and then wash.

– Marinate shrimp and squid with 1 teaspoon of seasoning and 1 teaspoon of pepper, mix well and leave for about 15 minutes to infuse the spices.

– Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil to boil, then fry the minced onion until fragrant. Continue to stir-fry the squid and shrimp until the seafood is slightly cooked, then add the vermicelli and stir-fry, stir until the vermicelli is just cooked, then add onions and carrots to stir-fry, season to taste and stir. continuous.

Stir well for 3-5 minutes, when the ingredients are cooked, you can turn off the stove. Add the green onions.

– Put the fried vermicelli on a plate and sprinkle some ground pepper and cilantro to complete the dish.

How to make seafood fried vermicelli
The attractive chewy fried vermicelli combined with the sweetness of seafood creates a super delicious dish – (Source: Internet)

The secret to stir-fried vermicelli without sticking

Stir-fried vermicelli is sure to be liked by everyone, but in order to stir-fry delicious vermicelli, the noodles are not crushed and not sticky, there must be a secret. So what is that secret?

– When dipping the vermicelli into boiling water, remember to stir the vermicelli quickly so that the vermicelli does not become mushy, remove the vermicelli to a rack for water, then quickly drop it into a bowl of cold water. When the vermicelli is hot and cold, it will make the vermicelli more tough and when stir-fried, it will not be sticky.

– After boiling the vermicelli, take out the vermicelli, then mix the vermicelli with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. This is how the vermicelli will come apart when stir-fried.

– When stir-frying the vermicelli, you have to constantly stir it so that the new pieces don’t stick.

Hopefully with 3 ways to make mixed fried vermicelli , chicken heart, seafood and the secret to stir-fried vermicelli without sticking, you have more delicious dishes that are processed extremely quickly and neatly.


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