Pindari Glacier

On this trip to Pindari Glacier, we started our journey from Khati, the last village on this route, at 11 am. Our first intention was to make it home, that we would reach Kharkia by evening time and spend an hour in the evening and stay in Dadhali Khati village, but everything is a little like our own thinking. We were late in the morning due to Mishra Ji and after that, due to changing the route from Bhuwali, it was even longer.


We arrived in the dark at night and it was impossible to reach Khati at that time. Now today we had to reach Dadhali only because even if we go 5 kilometers from Dadhali to Pindari Glacier, there is no arrangement to stop there, so after leaving from here at 11 am, more than 25 kilometers of the track is not possible. Journey From Khati Village to Dadhali.

A Long Journey

When I left the village at 11 o’clock, there was a climb of about a kilometer. After that, we came to the river bank due to some sharp landing. Due to the disaster, the main road here was washed away, so now the way has been made by breaking it, due to which the path has become much longer. Earlier it was 11 kilometers but now due to being on the other side of the river, it has become 2 kilometers long.

However, we did not know before and we continued on the newly constructed path and had to walk two kilometers more. The villagers go close to the river with the foot and mule. Due to the disaster in the river, the river has become very wide and now the river is not so wide in its true form, then those people are using that place to come. One advantage in that route is that the landing is not uphill, whereas the way in which the road has been made is too much to make the landing higher than the river.

Activity Around Pindari Glacier

So after reaching the edge of Pinder, there is a small wooden bridge here which is absolutely temporary. Preparations are being made to build a bridge here. After crossing this bridge starts climbing again. It took us 40 minutes to cross the river from the village. After this, it started raining suddenly. Due to rain, we removed the windcheater and wipes and wore them.

20 minutes later, a beautiful waterfall arrived near which a shop was built. A shed has been built here. A shed was built at only one place from Khati to Dadhli, otherwise, there is no way to avoid rain anywhere. We sat near the water and drank tea, but the rain did not name the closure, so we decided to keep going in the rain. We do not know when the rain stops in the hills. We kept walking in the rain for an hour.

Dadhali Location

The road is becoming new so it is not sure yet and the raw soil was in bad condition. In many places, the path was two feet and in many places only one-foot wide footpath which was very dangerous slippery while descending. At around two o’clock, the rain fell slightly and we took out our camera and took a couple of photographs.

Anyway, there were no special photos in the forest. After walking for an hour and around 3 o’clock when we were hungry, the parathas that we had packed with food, we ate here. After having dinner we started walking again. Till now we were walking above the river. After an hour, that is, at 4 o’clock we had to come down to the river bed because the path was broken in front of it.

Pindar and Kafni

It was here that we saw dhadli for the first time. But it was not as close as Dadhli could see because to reach Dadhli, both Pindar and Kafni had to cross both rivers and along it had to pass through a large boulder near the river. There was no fixed route here and after the meeting of Pindari and Kafni, the Pindari River which is formed crossed it with a bridge made of wooden planks. After that, crossing the river Kafni coming straight from the hand and then reached Dadhali.

We were in Ddhali at five in the evening. Here there is a rest house in Ddhali which is priced at Rs 200 per person, while there are three or four hotels nearby, which are priced at Rs 100 per person. There is often only one room in hotels which has a kitchen as well as a shop and at the same time, there are arrangements for sleeping eight-ten people by mixing two-three planks.

End Conclusion Of This trip

As the kitchen keeps running, the room remains warm, this is an advantage, but one of its disadvantages is that due to wood-burning many times the smoke in the room gets filled. When we were getting a room in the government rest house, we took it there because the kitchen has remained separate there. There is no private room even in the government one, there are just two rooms which have a lot of beds and if a big group comes, then there are separate pits for it.

Another advantage is that there are restrooms in the government rest house, whereas if not in the hotel outside, then you may have to go to the forest nearby.


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