It was a matter of October 2018 when tired of work, I felt that a road trip should be done so that the soul can also get food like the food we give to the body every day. The problem was also that it was only the time of the weekend i.e. barely two days and two friends were also in it.

Earlier our plan was for bike rides, but by bike, we could only come to Rishikesh in two days because it is difficult to ride the bike at night, whereas in the car it is not so, then for the best use of two days, we used the car Thought to complete this journey. By car, we could use two days as well as two nights. There is also an opportunity to avoid the jam and the urban rush by taking the vehicle at night.

Road Trip To Gangotri
I had the idea of ​​taking my own car, but if I drove the car for two nights in such a tight time, then I would have to sleep during the day, in which there is no enjoyment of traveling, so thought of hiring a car.

Savaari Car Rentals

After much research, reviews, and some references, the car was booked with Savaari car rentals. Both fellow friends parked their motorcycle at my house and as it was decided, we left Muradnagar around 5 o’clock in the evening. The car had arrived on time and as we thought that we would be saved from jam in the night. Even in the city of Dehradun at night we did not take time and after that, the music of the sleeping hills was just breaking the music playing in our car.

Yamuna beyond Mussoorie

Our decision proved to be very accurate because after crossing the Yamuna beyond Mussoorie, small stones were falling in one place and we had left by the time the driver came to know. Some stones fell in the car but they were quite small. They could harm us on the motorcycle. Second, when we reached Uttarkashi, the construction work was going on there and we had to wait for half an hour. In the day, if traffic on one side is crossed for a long time, then there is a log jam.

Harsil valley

Everyone had a little sleep and a man was always busy talking with the driver. It was early morning and, taking Alsai Si Angadai, Suryadev showed his light from behind the hills and proved that he was coming. We were very close to Gangotri and very happy that we are going to enjoy our two days to the fullest. From the pleasant top, the beautiful view of Harsil valley was visible, while reaching Harsil, we also took a round of Harsil village.

Breakfast was also served here and we reached Gangotri at around 11 in the morning. This was not our first visit to Gangotri, but coming to Ganga Mata temple always gives us a new experience. After searching for some time in Gangotri, we took a room because a lot of people had come here to track Gaumukh Tapovan.

Gaumukh Tapovan Yatra

Since the Gaumukh Tapovan Yatra will stop in a few days, due to snowfall, more and more people want to do it this year. Large groups had come. Once upon a time we also felt that we go and after keeping the stuff in the room, we got information about the current rules from the office of the forest department here. Now, after the decision of the Honorable Court, the daily number has been limited for Gaumukh Tapovan.

To go to Tapovan ahead of Gaumukh, you have to take permission before Uttarkashi, while on the first day you have to register at Gangotri to go to Gaumukh, the origin of Ganga. There is a gate about two kilometers ahead of the office of the forest department, where the permutation check takes place. There is no problem to go there and Gangotri’s great view is seen in this way.

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Gangotri Market

Today is the day of this little trekking and we had a lot of fun, we used to laugh and went to the checkpost and came back. When we came back, the evening was about to set in and the sound of bells coming down from the temple of Ganga Mata made a different tune resonate in these quiet hills. The scene of the Aarti was grand and the Gangotri market was quite illuminating.

There was a lot of initiative here from the native foreigners. Now the season of Sev was on the verge of going, but Harsil’s famous apples were seen here at very cheap prices. Since the vehicle had little sleep, so early in the evening, it fell asleep as soon as it went into the room and the cold was enough, then did not think to lie down in the kingdoms and remove the mouth again.

Spring of Maneri

Our second day was going to be very busy because of the road trip that we had come to think was going to be in a good way today. By 7 am we washed our bath and left Gangotri. Our plan today was to go back home from here, but measuring the paths and feeling them. From Uttarkashi, Maneri falls a little earlier and before stopping for the artificial spring of Maneri which is seen on the road, we stopped at one place for breakfast.

It was here that a stream of water was seen coming down which was being found in the river below. On asking, it was found that the bridge which we have crossed on the main road, there is a waterfall. When we went to that bridge, we saw that there is a very beautiful waterfall and under that waterfall, there is a place worth bathing in a circular place. It was a beautiful place with artificial waterfalls of Maneri, but the way to get there was lined with Jhadio.

Waterfall Around Maneri

As soon as we reached the waterfall below, the mind was delighted and also surprised that such a beautiful place is missing from the eyes of people even though it is on the main road. A tourist place can be made here so that many people in the village can also get employment. We spent a lot of time here and took some great pictures too.

Chamba Location

Going forward from here, we decided to look at a new road, which is called the old Gangotri road, instead of last night’s path. The spread of Tehri Lake is very far and there is a new route on one side of the same reservoir and the old route on the other side. This old route will take us to the main lake Tehri and from there we will reach Chamba.

But this path was thoroughly enjoyed before reaching Chamba or reaching Tehri. The reservoir remains with us from Dharasu till reaching Tehri, and because of this, farming here is very good. The beauty of the fields is worth seeing. We had to stop the vehicle from place to place to take photos because it was not a common route, so there was no crowd of tourists here.

Spiti Ladakh

Only one or two local vehicles used to meet occasionally. On the way, two-three waterfalls and a place like Spiti Ladakh were also found which was seen for the first time in this area. Due to the natural erosion of the soil, these structures have been built for hundreds of years. The scenes with the lake water at every mode presented a new picture base. Crossing the Tehri Lake is an exciting experience every time. These bridges built on this huge collection of water are so attractive to look at from a distance that taking them in the background and capturing them in the camera, looks like real photography.

Tehri Lake

The Tehri Lake was now to be crossed with a bridge ahead of Bhalgaon. It is also called the Sysun bridge. From here we reached the main site of Tehri Dam and it did not take even 1 hour to reach Chamba. Meanwhile, we had a lot of fun along the way. From Chamba, we took the road to Narendranagar and Rishikesh this time and reached home at around 2 pm.

One advantage of staying near Delhi is that whenever your soul is hungry, it can be given a favorite food by going to the hills. In this journey of only 2 days, we were able to take such a long journey comfortably by including 2 nights because of the car. It featured the main role of Outstation Car Rentals. Comfortable and without any problems, we reached home safely. Fresh oxygen taken from the hills will continue to work for a full month without any difficulty.


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