Allahabad Ayodhya yatra

I did not already have a plan to go to Allahabad Ayodhya yatra, it suddenly became known. It happened that if I had to vote here, it was an official holiday, the next day was a Sunday, then I felt like traveling to Delhi, one of my colleagues in Delhi works in a company, and he said that he will take a Saturday vacation and Will hang out with me When I called him on Friday, he said that he has not got leave, so my mind also got upset. He abused him a couple of times and called Amit Lavania Ji Allahabad because Lavania Ji had been calling for Allahabad Ayodhya yatra for a long time. A Trip to Allahabad Ayodhya.

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Naresh Chaudhary is a resident of Mathura and does a great stroller. When you feel like taking a trip to someplace, be it by bike or by train. There is also a special thing that Naresh Ji takes great photographs. For them, there is a vibrant feeling in the photo. Today he has written his first post. You can find them here on Facebook.

Ayodhya yatra journey

Lavania Ji immediately said yes and also associated Ayodhya with Allahabad Allahabad, thus making the story of his Allahabad Allahabad Ayodhya yatra journey. Now I was ready to pack my bag for my Allahbad Ayodhya yatra. To go to Allahabad, I bought the Jaipur Allahabad train ticket in the afternoon as the train was at eight o’clock at night. I came home from the office and took a bag of food and started waiting for the train to run from Jaipur.

When I saw the condition of the train, then it had deteriorated recently. The train had not yet left from Jaipur. By this time it was supposed to reach Mathura. I kept looking at the condition of the train on mobile, that I might have to cancel the Allahabad journey Allahabad Ayodhya yatra.

Gossips In The Train

Lavania Ji also got a call that the Guru train has been beaten, now did I say whatever will happen now and I reached Mathura railway station at around 10:30. The train arrived the next day at three in the morning and passed through the platform waiting all night. A wandering insect is like this. On the train, along with me, two boys of Kosi and Chade who were going to interview a private company in Kanpur.

They were supposed to reach Kanpur by nine o’clock in the morning and the train reached twelve o’clock and there was also an Airforce test on the same day. The boys who gave the test on the train in Kanpur were also in large numbers and their test was also missed. There is talk of running a bullet train in your country, but the train that is running does not reach in time.

Gujarati Dharamshala

So in this way, after traveling the bullet train, at six o’clock in the evening, it reached Allahabad station at a delay of twelve hours. Lavania Ji had been waiting since morning and came to pick me up at the station before asking me to come out. Immediately we reached his room and washed his hands and left for Ayodhya. The distance from Allahabad to Ayodhya was about two km.

Now, when I started feeling hungry, Lavania Ji arranged for his aunt to Ramnagar, which was about one and twenty km from Allahabad. If his aunt’s house was to fall in our way, then I also said yes. After eating with them, we went out to Ayodhya at about eleven o’clock at night and reached Ayodhya and slept in a room in a Gujarati Dharamshala.

Hanuman Garhi Temple

After getting up at six o’clock in the morning, after bathing and getting ready, went to see Shri Ram Lala. First of all, we reached Hanuman Garhi here, there is a vision of Hanuman ji’s child form. Hanuman Ji, seated in the Hanuman Garhi temple, is considered the king of present-day Ayodhya. The temple complex has a statue of mother Anjani and child (child) Hanuman in which Hanuman Ji, lying in the form of a child in the dock of his mother Anjani.

Then we went to Kanak Bhawan – the private building of Lord Rama and Mother Sita which is known as Kanak Bhavan is a symbol of ultimate divinity, strength, and beauty. After the marriage of Kanaka Bhavan Ram, Sita was seen in the mouth by Mother Kaikai. Allahabad Ayodhya yatra.

After this, we traveled and visited

  • Janak Mahal,
  • Ram Janmabhoomi,
  • Manipatvar,
  • Vidhakund,
  • Small Cantonment, Large Cantonment, Karsevak Puram
  • Workshop
  • And finally Saryu Bath

Saryu River

After bathing Saryu, it was twelve o’clock in the afternoon and now we felt the litti chokha. After some rest, I got the idea that Ayodhya came and Sri Ram could not even get a picture of the entrance of the birthplace, so I asked Lavania ji once again and take a photo and as soon as I clicked the photo at the gate.

Immediately the policemen grabbed us, from where are you, do you have the permission of the photo, you have come here for the third time since morning. The policeman said all this in a second. After questioning us for about half an hour and looking at our identity cards, we were released and photos were deleted. In this way, after getting the blessings of Rama Ji, we left Ayodhya around 4 pm.

Allahabad Triveni Sangam

On the way three times we got punctured in our bike so that we reached Allahabad late at night and fell asleep as soon as we reached the room. Rising early in the morning, Allahabad Triveni Sangam raced to take a spectacular view of Allahabad triveni Sangam and sunrise.

Arriving at the Allahabad Triveni Sangam, there was a fog and people were too much to stop the police from taking pictures, so I put the camera in the bag and the Allahabad Triveni Sangam Allahabad triveni Sangam to take clothes off for bath when water When I saw the condition, the desire to take a Sangam bath was over. The water at the Allahabad Triveni Sangam Allahabad triveni Sangam was very muddy, now thinking about the sunset time in the evening, we came to the room and reached Lavania ji’s office after taking a bath. We left at four in the evening.

Chandrashekhar Azad Park

First, we went to Chandrashekhar Azad Park, then the confluence was no longer crowded there, no police and the weather was very clear, so I took fifty hundred photos and decided to have a boatman to rotate us for an hour. There is a very spectacular view when the sun falls on the water at sunset, the water looks like gold.

After walking at the confluence we reached the big Hanuman temple which was near the Sangam beach. After visiting, we went to another temple, whose name I do not mind, now my train was also on time, we came to the railway station, the train started on time and I thanked Lavania Ji for being together in a wonderfully memorable journey And said goodbye.

Now the train also hit the sheet, I lay down in my seat and started thinking about my journey, how I was thinking of going to Ayodhya for the last five years but could not go now suddenly reached Ayodhya.


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