The program to go to Orchha became abrupt. The idea of ​​going somewhere with Kamal Kumar Singh alias Narada for a long time. Kamal Singh is a deceiver and a completely Narada man. I told them that I have two friends and want to go with them. I thought that if there are two friends, how will the lotus rotate both of them, so I also said yes to support her.


Later it was discovered at the station that Saheli Wagaira was not there, it was just lalipap to make me mad. But let’s not talk about it, we are the lovers of nomadism, so first let’s go to the name of Orchha. There was nothing special in the name of preparation as no tracks were going to such a deserted place and from above Kamal had already booked the hotel in Orchha online.

A Trip to Orchha Yatra, Raja Ram Temple

There was a train at night from Delhi station and I met Kamal much earlier. After that, we went to meet both been kukreti. Binu’s father was admitted to the hospital. After meeting Beenu, we reached Nizamuddin station. The ticket was booked by Vagira Sab Kamal. The entire program was made by Kamal. I was very busy, so I left everything above the lotus. After reaching Nizamuddin station, Kamal Singh started to buy a big necker, so he bought it first.

After this, he reached the platform and started checking the status of the train. It was a 45-minute train at 11 and there was still an hour left but after that and showing all the trains before that, but only showing no status of that. Now Kamal Singh used his mind to be used occasionally. Done and said startlingly that my train is from New Delhi. A trip to orccha yatra, Raja Ram Temple, and Chhatri Group is mentioned here in this article.

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Fun In Orccha

Now we ran out and booked an auto for 100 rupees and reached New Delhi at the right time. Here was our train from number 6 and we went and took our seat. Even it was all right, but real trouble started ahead of it. It got rained at night and also cold winds due to which our kidkid got tied up due to cold in the night. It was so bad that after taking out another shirt, he saved his life by going. The rainy season was definitely there but no rain was expected.

The alarm was set at 5 o’clock before going to sleep at night. At 5 am, someone was showing Viralnagar station which was 107 km from Gwalior. I was looking at Google map. Opened the window and was surprised to see This greenery was seen only in the Bugyalas of Uttarakhand. After that, he kept sitting near the window. We landed in Jhansi at around 7 am, outside the station, were making an auto sound. At 10 rupees, we reached the bus from Shared Auto. Drink 20 rupees tea here and started searching for resources for Orchha.

Location Around Orccha

It turned out that the rains have been so much this time that the bus route to Orchha is closed due to water in the middle. Now only autos will go till Orchha. The auto driver will only take 10 rides for 20 rupees, that is, if you want to take the entire auto, then it will go for 200 rupees. Till now only 6 rides could be done and after waiting for a long time, I only said that you take 30 rupees and go. The rest of the passengers too got ready on this point and we started off by the fire.

The road to Orchha was excellent and the pits were not seen anywhere. When the children reached Orchha, the children’s rally was going out. He started looking for his hotel by paying money to the auto driver and reached there in a short time. The hotel was at a high point from where the view of Orchha looked great. The room we took in the hotel was a little small and there was a lot of smell coming from it. When we told the hotel person, he said that some guests are going to go, then after that, I will change your room.

Orchha By Make My Trip

Fresh in the room and left a message to Pandey Ji that we have reached such and such hotel in Orchha, you should come when you get time. Now it is necessary to tell two things here, one is that the hotel that was booked was only for Rs. 20. Kamal Singh works in Make My Trip, so when he booked using some discounts online, the hotel fare was only Rs 20 out of pocket. Now there was no role of the hotel in this, all of this app is amazing, the hotelier has to get that much money.

Secondly, Orchha is also becoming important nowadays because a friend Mukesh Kumar Pandey Ji, who is also nicknamed Chandan, is posted in the Excise Department. Mukesh Ji is a man of simple nature and is himself a wanderer, photographer, blogger, and poet heart. Often, many people are involved with them in nomadism and they also invite everyone to come to Orchha with a free heart. His invitation was associated with us for years too, but now the opportunity came.

King Shri Ram Temple

The temple of King Shri Ram of Orchha was visible within a hundred meters from the hotel. I and Kamal left the hotel and walked towards the temple. There were many shops near the temple. Here, eat samosas while sitting in a shop. Realized for the first time that we are in an area like Bundelkhand because we have shown everything very cheap here.

The samosas were a little small but there was one for 5 rupees and that too with chutney and chickpeas. In other things also, we felt the same, satisfied with Samoso, then the philosophy of King Rama started going. Luckily there was not much crowd in the temple and we saw it with great love. It is forbidden to take photographs inside the temple, so could not take photos.

When he came out of the temple, Pandey ji’s call came A virtual world friend met for the first time outside the temple. Outside the temple, Pandey went to the Orchha resort with him. It is a very good and expensive hotel here. The morning breakfast was underway with a buffet system and lots of items. I had a little poha, papaya, and pudding. He then reached the back of the resort where the Swimming Pool was and the Betwa River was flowing across the river behind.

Orchha Madhya Pradesh 

As soon as we came here, we came to know that it has been raining continuously for three days in Madhya Pradesh and there are flood conditions in many places. Breakfast was again, meeting with Mukesh Ji and also seeing Raja Ram Ji. Now Mukesh Ji took us to Kanchan ghat on the bank of Betwa river nearby. There is an umbrella of Veer Singh Bundela at Kanchan Ghat itself. Most of the construction took place in Orchha during the time of this three-storeyed umbrella with Vir Singh Bundela.

Betwa river flows touching this umbrella but in our time it had taken this umbrella in its lap. There are many other chhatris in front of the ghat here. After going a small way, then a big park comes inside. Often most people do not even come here. The park here has been made so beautiful and the umbrellas from above attract both minds. This fascination increases further when it is learned that the owners of the park here have built their own expenses at their own expense, otherwise the trees would have been growing here. The vultures that have reached the verge of extinction have also camped here.


They are inhabited above these umbrellas and they are also breeding here and the number is also increasing. Perhaps this place has been accepted by them. A special thing is also that there are many categories of vultures here. Mukesh Ji has full knowledge of this and he recognizes it from a distance. He also told me but I forgot which minor and which female.


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