Tenga Valley – landscape, waterfalls

Tenga Valley, One thing must be kept in mind while traveling in the North East regions, your journey is never completed according to plan. You have to make changes in your plans at the last moment by bowing to the situation even if you don’t want to. Here either someone is closed or there is a ban, due to which you are forced to change your pre-planned journey according to the situation.

Tenga Valley

There is no prior notice of such incidents nor any news related to them is easily available to you. Through the Internet, it is meaningless to expect news related to these incidents. So you have to depend on local news. One such incident also happened to us. On the way to the Tenga Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, the Arunachal-Assam border was closed and no vehicles were allowed to cross the border. Because of this, we had to stop there and finally spend the night in the tea garden of Tezpur, about which I will write later.

Permission required to roam in Arunachal Pradesh

To get to Arunachal Pradesh, you first have to get permission from the state. For this, you have to fill the permission form and give a copy of your photo and identity card with it. You can complete all the process related to it from the center of Arunachal Pradesh located in Delhi, Guwahati and Shillong. I went to the Arunachal Center in Shillong to get my permission. I gave all the documents needed and also filled the fee. But I was asked to come three days later to get the permission letter.

I explained to them that I want this permission letter today, because, we were going to Arunachal Pradesh on the second day itself. Then a woman and man there gave me my permission letter in just half an hour. Now I have got the permission letter but according to that you cannot roam anywhere in the state. For this, you have to clarify in advance which of the three available routes you would like to go through and which places you would like to visit and on which days you would like to go. I did the same thing. Usually this permission letter is issued for 15 days.

Permission Letter Check Method Required

I took a letter of permission to visit the Bhalukpong, Bomdila and Tawang areas. Considering the imperative of obtaining the permission letter, I thought that maybe after reaching the state border, we have to present this permission letter to verify ourselves. But when we entered the state border, no one present there had any meaning to us nor from our car. No person came to check our permission cards at the border. Seeing this, we were a little shocked, how can anyone be so careless. It could also be that 2 persons only have the permission letter and the other two may not have the permission letter. But there is no action on it. Our driver showed us his driving license and took us to the check post and as a compulsion, we proceeded from there by paying some money. In a few moments, we reached Arunachal Pradesh.

Considering all these things, I felt that there was a need to get permission. First of all, as a citizen of this country, do I need any special permission to roam in an entire state of this country? I can understand that Arunachal Pradesh being a very big state, it may also have some sensitive areas. And if for some reason a letter of permission is required to go to such areas, I think the whole purpose behind issuing the permission letter has failed at the stage of implementation.

Bhalukpong Roads

Looking at the roads coming from Bhalukpong, it seems as if there were hardly any good routes here. The condition of these roads is very bad. But seeing the surrounding environment, it seems as if his reformerkar’s work is going to start soon. The cut hills here also indicate that a paved road is going to be built here very soon. But sometimes there is a lie seen in the eyes. Our driver and the local people told us that the debris kept there has been lying there for years. And till date there has been no road work there. But if someday the work of this road starts and new road is built then they will be very surprised. Looking at the roads of this entire region, only the roads around the army settlements are well-organized. Actually, seeing the streets of Bhalukpong, you miss the streets of your village.

Natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh

As it is said, the path to heaven passes through hell. As soon as you are 20 km from Bhalukpong. Distance of about 200 km As it seems, crossing, you reach the hills and valleys of Arunachal Pradesh, whose rivers flow from the creeks. This amazing view resembling heaven makes you spellbound. I had never seen the hills covered with so many lush green deodar forests before. Flowing here and there on these hills, the waterfalls keep running smoothly to meet the rivers flowing below. Here, step by step, you find wild flowers, which are seen from the stones, trunk of trees and shrubs out of the bushes. These flowers bloom anywhere and anytime.

Orchids Flowers and Their Official Phulwadi

Arunachal Pradesh is home to a variety of orchid flowers. About 5 km from the border of Bhalukpong. Situated at a distance of, is the official Phulwadi of Orchid in the town of Tipi. Here, orchid flowers are researched and more than 750 varieties of them are grown and produced. But when we went there, we found only three types of orchids there. Perhaps it was not the right time for us to go there. We could not see these flowers directly, but we did see different types of them. There is a small museum where various types of orchids are displayed through photographs and paintings.

To see these diverse types of orchids, we were asked to visit the Orchid Sanctuary in Sesa. This sanctuary lies on the way between Bhalukpong and Tenga Valley. While going to Tenga Valley, we could not go there but, while coming back from the valley, we definitely went to see the sanctuary. Where we saw a variety of orchids, which were more than one.

Cerca’s Orchid Sanctuary

On seeing the entrance of this place, you know that you are entering the sanctuary of Orchid. Next to this you see the forest of orchids. If you want to roam in these forests then you can go on your own. We roamed these forests for a distance of about 150 feet, during which we saw many types of orchids. This orchid sanctuary of Sesa was better than TP’s well-organized orchid Phulwadi.

A local man who humbly accompanied us during his visit to Arunachal took us to a farmer who cultivates orchids. Those farmers took us to their fields, where they showed us some interesting types of orchids and gave a little information about them and also explained the economy related to orchids. As you go up the hill, the atmosphere there becomes even better for the orchid flowers.


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