Activities to do in Lakshadweep

We always like visiting places that just makes us go awe about it. One such place is Lakshadweep. An Island located at the Arabian Sea, a part of union territories which comes under India is a sure place that has all the ingredients to make you go awe of the place. Previously Lakshadweep had been termed as Laccadive and is known to be made from thirty-six atolls. There are 36 atolls which comprise the entire island. From these, only a few islands have humans inhabited in the region. To visit the other places, it requires special permissions for islanders as well as the visitors. Below are some of the places and activities that people can expect during their trip to Lakshadweep Islands.

Fishing: Do you enjoy fishing? Well, then this is exactly the right place for you. In addition to the excellent Juma Masjid in the island, fishing in the lagoon of Minicoy Island is something that you shouldn’t miss. The place is located at 208 kilometers from the city center. Due to a specific set of laws, foreign visitors are prohibited from visiting the island.

Cultures that are still alive: With the urban development across every other place, we see that the older cultures and traditions getting slowly devoid from existence. People are slowly transforming themselves into the current era and many tribes that were known to exist for centuries are getting vanished. Visiting the island will make you believe that in some parts the traditions will still exist for another 100 years or so. In Minicoy Island, there are cultural centers as well. People can come here and enjoy the cultural events as well as contribute something to the cultural centers as well. Lava and Dandi are some of the dance varieties that exist in this place and people can quite coolly enjoy the performance by the locals by sipping the coconuts.

activities to do in lakshadweep
Kadmat Island

Agatti Island lagoon: It is the right place for experiencing several adventure sports. Water sports, Kite flying, exploring corals as well as having a chance to observe some of the most unique fishes that you have never seen in your life. The beautiful flora and fauna is something that adds to the allure with its remarkable beauty. Other activities that tourists can experience is scuba divingsnorkeling as well as having an opportunity to enjoy swimming in this breathtaking place. If you do love eating seafood, it is one of the best places to have it. It is additionally, known for having the shortest airstrip and it needs special abilities to land it exactly within the strip.

activities to do in lakshadweep 1
Agatti Island

Beaches: Every island has its own share of beautiful beaches. People can visit the Virgin beaches at Bangaram Island. You can find beautiful lagoons covered with corals that mesmerizes every bit throughout the visit. Kadmat island provides you with a chance of having sunbath during the daytime. Very few know that the Lakshadweep has its own oil factory outlet in Kadmat IslandBangaram island is the only place where people can avail alcohols.

activities to do in lakshadweep 2
Bangaram Island

Other PlacesAmindivi Island is a place in Lakshadweep where you can do some shopping in swag. The place is well known for choir products. The craft skills and the products that are sold here is the main attraction of this place.  Marine museumparasailing, as well as a yacht trip, are some of the other places as well as activities that one can experience in this place.

Well, people can surely consider it as a place which has quite a bit of its own aura. The marine life and the surrounding that it has makes it a perfect choice for an exotic trip towards the smallest union territory of India.


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