Barra Airport – World’s only Tidal beach airport in Scotland

barra airport worlds only tidal beach airport in scotland

Ever thought of flights that use beaches as a runway for takeoff and landing purposes? Well, Barra is a beautiful place in Scotland where the flights land on the small runway path. Pilots need an extra set of skills to land the flights in Barra Airport. It is quite astonishing that the airport is built quite precisely along the beach considering the anomalies that can happen around the seashores. The Barra Airport started its first operation in the year 1933 and from then on it has been going strong till today. Till 1933, the Northern tip of Scotland, Traigh Mhor had been utilized for the purpose of collecting cockles. It was on June 14th, 1933, that the first flight utilized the beach to land the aircraft. From then on, till today the Barra Airport is going strong and is stated as one of the astonishing wonders in the World.

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barra airport worlds only tidal beach airport in scotland 2

Barra airport is the only airport that is used for the airline services till date. People visiting Scotland must make sure to visit this Barra airport for its uniqueness as well as the beauty that surrounds it. The main airports that are connected with the Barra airports are Glasgow and Benbecula. It must be known that Barra Airport is the only Beach airport that exists around the world. Barra is connected with Benbecula as well as Glasgow through De Havilland Twin Otters of Logan AirBara Airport is controlled by HIAL (Highlands and Islands Airport limited). It is a public operation that is owned entirely by the Scottish ministers.

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The Entire stretch of Traigh Mhor covers quite large. The takeoff and the landing space that the Twin Otters of Logan Air requires is quite less than the usual space that any flight requires. It helped the officials to create three runways in the available space. The benefit of creating such a space allows the flights to land through the wind. Another aspect that is quite astonishing about the Barra airport is that the ends are marked by posts that stay intact under the sand during the different sea tides.

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Tourists traveling to Barra, usually take flights from Glasgow or Benbecula. The airfare details for Glasgow to Barra or Benbecula to Barra can easily be found on google. One can also say that Glasgow and Benbecula are two places which are quite near to BarraBarra is approximately 140 Nautical miles from Glasgow and only 31.85 nautical miles from Benbecula.

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Today, the approximate tourists visiting Barra as well as its airport is around 10,000 per year. It will surely increase once more people know about this place.  Like all the other flights, the crew members of the Twin Otters of Logan Air specify more or less the same set of rules that one might hear during any trip. The Barra Airport has all the technical specialties to take care of any emergency situation if it occurs. Some of the prime facilities include emergency facilities, with an appropriate number of crew members to support failures. Here, the interesting part is that most of the emergency calls are more frequently related to dolphins or seals that get stranded on the beach side of the airport. This is also one of the major reasons for people to visit Barra airport.

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Cockles are one of the major sources for making beautiful ornamentsTraigh Mhor is one of the major places in Scotland where the cockles are available. The Cockle collectors are specifically advised to stay on the outskirts of the airport to avoid any emergency failures. based on the windsock the visitors can easily specify if the airport is operational on that particular day.

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Another aspect of the Barra airport is that it operates quite normally during the night just the way during the day. The pilots rely on the air traffic controller as well as the stripe of lights placed alongside the borders of the runway, and the headlights as well. At times, the airport also supports the emergency landing services of any helicopter or airplane. At times, it is also seen that the Scotish Helicopter utilizes the airport as a place for ambulance services in case of any hospital emergencies.

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The control tower is located at the North of Barra Airport and with its view directed eastwards towards Traigh Mhor. The Barra airport terminal is well equipped with all the facilities that any traveler would want. While visiting the Barra island, the fixture that any tourist might have is the takeoff and landing of De Havilland Twin Otters of Logan Air.

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The Airport terminal has one of the finest restaurants on the Island and having your meal before exploring the places in Barra, is something that is a must do in the place. As a whole, the visit to the Barra Airport for the first time is an amazing experience for any individual. While in Scotland, do not miss a chance to visit the only beach airport of the World.


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