Basking by the Beaches of Barbados, working remotely

basking by the beaches of barbados working remotely
Caribbean Islands of the Windies are surely a wanderlust for people across the world. It attracts quite a lot of tourists round the clock, many ending up regularly. I am sure you might be wondering what might be the reason for such traction of tourists in the Caribbean Islands. The credit would be to the mesmerizing backdrop that it has throughout. Today, the point of discussion that we bring here is about an opportunity that is available in Barbados to every working geek for the grabs.

basking by the beaches of barbados working remotely 1
I am sure everybody is quite terrified by the current pandemic that the world is facing due to a minute virus named Covid19. And the most petrifying aspect of the virus is that it has restricted most of us at homes without cuffs on our hands. Certainly, not a foretell of 2020. With each passing day, it has become quite difficult for us to even go for a walk or buy things. Utmost precautions are needed while traveling and people are getting a knack of following those regularly nowadays. The hit to the travel and tourism industry is massive, cause being the pandemic. The countries are formulating their policies to make certain sanctuaries for the travel and tourism industries for it to sustain through this critical scenario. One such brave decision has been taken by Barbados PM Mia Amor Mottley.

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The travel visas provided by most of the countries come with an expiration date. It is quite obvious that after a certain period as mentioned on the visa, individuals are not allowed to stay in that country, contrary to which the Barbados PM has decided to provide a year-long visa named as ” Barbados Welcome Stamp” for the travelers citing the option to work from the country for straight 12 months residing along the shores enjoying the scenic beauty. The visa welcome stamp provided can be a boon in disguise and a worthy option to take advantage of. It has been brought into pace citing the fact that the islands depend majorly on tourism and travel industries that the government of the country wants to stabilize. It can be stated as one of the best decisions and also an assurance for the travel and tourism industry of the country.

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The best part of the PM’s speech is the fact that she is gracefully inviting individuals from across the globe wanting to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It can be thought of as an offbeat fortuity to seize at the earliest.

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