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Almora city is the life of Uttarakhand and if a person belonging to the same place writes about it, then always writes it. Harshita, a female blogger who originally lived in Almora, has tried to provide information about Almoda. Normally people do not take Almoda seriously and give more priority to Nainital near the same but there are so many places to see in and around Almoda that you can spend 3 days or more here. The best thing is that in Almoda you will not get much crowd and not much looting. So let’s show you the best places to visit in Almora from Harshita’s eyes. Harshita has her own blog and Facebook profiles are where you can join them.

What is not there in Almora, along with the dominance of temples, there is also an abundance of natural scenery, being at an altitude of hundred and forty-two meters above sea level, the weather here is pleasing throughout the year, it can be visited throughout the year. . The time of April to June in summer and Dussehra festival in October is suitable for visiting here. December and January are also good for snowfall divisions Almora is well connected to all places by road. The nearest railway station here is Kathgodam and the airport Pantnagar.

Gnath Temple 

Many of you may not have even heard of this place. This temple of Kotwal village, fifty kilometers from Almora, is built inside a cave. Due to not having much facility to go to this place, this place is untouched to a great extent, if spoken in normal language, it is still hidden. There is a straight climb on the rocky road, which is afraid of turning over small trains, so it is better to go by a big SUV. There are two routes to reach Almora from here, the first being from Someshwar and the second via Takula. On the way to Takula, there is a little risk during rainy days. On the way, there is a place called Dinapani, this is a place in Almora from where you can see the view from both sides up and down and a very beautiful Himalayan range can be seen from here. Right now we are on the same road from Dinapani to Binsar. Welcome to Binsar Wildlife, these boards are installed everywhere. There is a place called Ayarapani 7 kilometers ahead of Dinapani. One road leads to Binsar and the other towards Takula

We had chosen Almoda Takula road from here, on which comes ten kilometers ahead of Basoli. And 6 km from here, Takula i.e. Kotwal village. Now Takula Bageshwar Road is about two and a half kilometers to go to the fire. This is the job of a big car here and the local hill driver is the only success here. From here we proceeded on Takula Gananath road which is the way of forest department but after reaching the distance of nine kilometers on this road, we reached Mallika temple, although we have to go here too, some work of the temple is such that first go to Gananath Will happen. Take it again, go ahead on this road, but now there is not much to go, it is just a journey of three kilometers and we have reached. But what has it started now, but it is not much, we have to get down from the village about two kilometers from here and then we will go to the temple. While descending, it remains easy and got down early and reached Gnath.

No crowds, no shops, far away from materialism. The specialty of this temple is that the Shivalinga is inside a cave here and the other that it is naturally watered by pots. People come here to see this. After worshiping Archana, we went back to the Mallika temple, this is a Goddess temple at a height. There is a big contradiction in both the temples, one is below the other and the other is absolutely high. This temple is built in the lap of nature and the panoramic views of the Himalayan range are seen from here.

Kasar Devi 

This place is of religious importance and is also known as a very large picnic spot for the residents of Almora. You will see all kinds of people here. Some will be absorbed in the faith of God and some will be able to see the natural scenes. For lovers, this place is nothing less than a paradise, they can spend time with each other by sitting in a quiet atmosphere here, this temple situated in a village named Kasar on Almora Bageshwar Highway, is built in a cave on the small hill of Kashyapa. is. The Goddess is installed in this temple as Maa Kaushiki, who destroyed the demons named Shumbha Nishumbha. This temple is also known as Shaktipeeth.

Crank Ridge or Hippy Hill

Hippy hill This is a hidden destination of Almora, which few people know, and if you know, then you know another form. This place is also known by another name and that name is Hippie Hill. The area around Kasar Devi is known as Hippie Hill. These places start almost from Narayana Tiwari Dewal and are mainly known as Pappar Sally. But starting from Narayan Tiwari Dewal, almost the area of ​​Dinapani falls in this hippie hill range. The empty roads here, the pine forests standing on the small hills nearby, and the panoramic view of the Himalayan range with them make this place very special and due to its attractions, this place once upon a time became a paradise for foreigners. People had given it the name of Hippie Hill. NASA scientists have done the research and said that this mountain is situated on the belt named Wayne Allen, due to which the magnetic effect of the Earth is produced here, and due to this, it becomes the center of infinite energy here.

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Jageshwar Temple

Thirty-four kilometers from Almora, this Dham is considered one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Bholenath sits in the form of Nageshwar in the dense deodar forests. This temple is situated on Almora Pithoragarh Road. Here comes a place called Artola, from here a diversion and reach Jageshwar temple. There is a supernatural atmosphere around the temple and the weather is pleasant.

Golu Devta Temple 

Golu Devta is considered as the God of justice in the entire Uttarakhand. The man who loses hope from the court, he puts his application in the court of Golu Devta. Now the application is applied, it has to be made in the proper way. Therefore, a letter is written in the name of Golu Devata by signing the notary wager on stamp paper.

Chittai Temple

Almora is located at a distance of eight kilometers on the Pithoragarh road. To get here one can get a bus or share a jeep from Dharanaula station. This leads to the Chittai temple via Narayan Tewadi Dewal. Here, Van Vihar is also another attraction along with the Chitai temple. Where a leopard, rabbit, white monkey, bear, reindeer, and twelve singers can be seen giving a ticket of five rupees.

Kosi River

On its way to Almoda, the Kosi River continues along. The beauty of the Kosi river is worth seeing here. There are some places where you can get down in the river and sit on the stones and take photos, while at the same time you can enjoy water sports. A barrage is also being built on the river Kosi changing from scene to place where there will be a boating boat in the coming times and it will become a picnic spot. By the way, the bus stops at the place of Kosi barrage.

Kansar Dham Temple 

When you walk towards Almoda from Haldani, there comes the famous Kishar Dham or Neem Karoli Baba temple. Definitely stop here and if you like, then there are many shops of breakfast, Vagira outside here.

Identification of Almoda

Whenever you visit Almoda, do not forget to eat special children’s sweets and bring them home. This is a sign of this region and you will not be disappointed by eating it. By the way, Bal sweets will be available at shops up to Haldani as well as Karnprayag, but Bal sweets of Almora city are different and special in themselves.

Syahi Devi Temple

Syahi Devi temple This temple is situated on the top of the village of Shitalakhet to the west of Almoda. Great views and captivating weather but there is no arrangement to stay the night, so one should come back before evening.

Binsar Wild Life 

Binsar wildlife If you are fond of bird watching then you can spend a day or two in Binsar Wild Life. Your tracking will be done here as well as new birds will also be seen.

Katarmal Sun Temple 

13th century Sun Temple built by Katyudi king Katarmal. The identity of such an ancient temple is scarce and not many people are able to see it, but if you are in Almora, then this temple is worth seeing. You can easily see this temple from both Almoda or Ranikhet. Getting here is nothing short of thrilling.

Nanda Devi Temple

This temple is a center of reverence in the center of the Almora market. To reach here, one has to leave the greed of his car and climb 100 meters closer. Those who come here do not forget to praise the cleanliness of this temple. This temple is also said to be 1000 years old.

Ranikhet and Kausani 

both are very famous hill stations in their own right but are within a radius of 50 km from Almoda. If you make Almoda your center, then you can visit these settled places in different directions in one day.

Almora’s Dussehra 

If you have time in October, don’t miss the chance to see Almora’s famous Dussehra. By coming here to Dussehra, you will get to know many things about the culture here and you will not be able to forget this opportunity. There is no better opportunity to learn about local people and traditions.

Hope you know a lot about Almoda. However, if there is any deficiency or any suggestion is welcome.


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