Christmas Evening in Naples

Christmas can be clearly stated as one of the best holiday seasons of the year. People around the world enjoy this time to the fullest. It is one of the best celebrated holidays in Naples. If you are amongst the ones in Naples during this time, then the blog that you are going to read will be quite useful. Please keep reading to find the top things that you can do during Christmas in Naples.

christmas evening in naples

Celebrate the spectacular occasion of Christmas walking through the streets of Naples: 

Lights and crackers constitute major portions during the celebration of Christmas. It is celebrated extravagantly all over the world. If you are amongst the individuals in Positano on the 25th of December, there are a lot of things that this city has to offer. The entire streets of Spaccanapoli are lighted with lamps designed in different shapes, varieties of ornaments both real and artificial, as well as several other things, can be found. Couples visiting for the first time will surely have one of the best times in the city of Positano. Romance is at its peak while at this place.

christmas evening in naples 2

Visit the Museum: The museum is one such place that has its specialty. There are several museums in Naples of which the National Archeological is the famous one. It has almost 300 artifacts that were collected from the surroundings as well as from the famous historical place of Pompeii. The Museum of Saint Martin is another one that you can visit. Wooden Carvings, frescoes as well as marble mosaics are the attractions of this place. Napolitan native scenes are what makes this place attractive and impresses each one of them visiting it.

christmas evening in naples 3Walking through the Local street market: During Christmas walking along the streets of Naples in the evening has an amazing spectacle. Every couple, as well as the individuals visiting the place, is sure to have a great time. Via San Gregorio Armeno is the place that you can get to by walking along the path starting from Spaccanapoli to San Lorenzo Basilica. The streets are filled with several shops selling varieties of artistic products. Most of the items sold at this place are made purely out of hand. Statues, bags, lamps, lanterns, etc. are some of the prime products that one might find while strolling along the streets.

christmas evening in naples 4Classic Street Food: It is a fact that everyone across the world surely loves street food. The streets of Via San Gregorio Armeno is one such place that has several outlets providing wonderful street foods. Gelato, Pasta, Pancakes, Pizzas, are some of the famous Italian dishes available across these streets. If you are a foodie, then it is a sure spot to have an amazing experience and that too during Christmas, what else would you want..!!

christmas evening in naples 5Local festive celebration: Christmas is by no doubt one of the biggest festivals across the world. The people of Naples, Italy celebrate the festival with full vigor. You can find different colors of light bulbs, creative shops, food fest along the street are some of the best highlights during the entire day of Christmas. It is indeed a pride for the residents of Naples and they celebrate the eve of Christmas to the fullest.

christmas evening in naples 6


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