In Dadhali I met some more trackers before having dinner in the evening. The best tool here is to meet and talk to the tracker as you go. Those who were staying with us were going back tomorrow. They will eat or arrive in Furqia tomorrow evening and they will get the network, in such a situation, you can ask them to do a small text message because it does not take any time and there is no problem.

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We also gave a message to that gentleman so that he can do this at our house after going into the network. Here, the means of communication is the one who is going up or the one who is going down. Zero Point of Pindari Glacier.

Famous Paranthas

For the morning we had told the cook of the rest house that if we go out in the morning, we should have tea with breakfast and paranthas for our way along. We also got ready after taking a bath at six o’clock in the morning, but it was a little late to make paranthas, so we were able to get out at about seven o’clock for Pindari. Pindari glacier is about 14 kilometers from Dadhali. It was less at first, but after the disaster, the distance has increased due to their flow.

After walking from Dadhali, six kilometers come to Furqiya where there is a stop and eat. There is also a government rest house and fiber huts are also built here. When we went, the season of Buryansha was going on, so now the flowers of Buryansha started coming all the way.

Pinder River

After walking from the pilgrimage, there is a constant climb to the furkia. The path is quite high from the river and the noise of the Pinder river is heard very loudly. There are quite beautiful waterfalls on the hills on the front side. We reached Furqiya in a quarter to two hours i.e. 9 o’clock. Since there was a food system, khichdi was eaten with papad and tea.

It is now ten o’clock in this round. In Pinder and Kafni Valley, as I told you that the weather is bad, you can never expect the weather to be open after 12 o’clock here. Although the weather was clear till now but the clouds were beginning to appear cloudy and yet we had to go to Pindari Glacier which was 8 km from here and coming back to 8 km and 6 km, that is enough journey, so at exactly ten o’clock we For the Pindari Glacier, it has come out.

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Where Khati village is at 2000 meters, at the height of Dhadali about 2500 meters, till here we had climbed 500 meters in 13 kilometers, while Furakiya is at a height of 3200 meters, here it has reached a height of 700 meters in 6 kilometers.

Places Around Pindari Glacier

This was why it seemed too much time and tired. Did not feel much because when you get to rest at night, then after that you get a lot of energy, so this piece became comfortable. Now on the way from Furakia to Pindari, which was not much climbable, because now it had to go from 3200 to 3600 meters and that too was very breathtaking in some distance of 8 km The rest of the Buryans flowers had tied the Saman and peaks like snow-capped Nandakhat, Baljori and Panvalidhar started appearing from far away.

Under those peaks, Pindar’s stream looked like a line drawn with a small pencil on a page from a big one. But here the watercolor is very beautiful. On the other side of the river, there are quite a number of grasslands and one of these two huts. Ghadi people live with their animals in such grasslands. There is no source of water except for some source of water flowing from above. When we stayed in Dadhli at night, the temperature had dropped significantly. The hotelier said that it had snowed at night and now we were getting it on the way.

Why It Is Zero Point

Many glaciers also got in the way, one of which was very dangerous to cross two because those who had gone yesterday, their footprints were completely covered due to the snow and we had to start. One had to climb very high to cross a glacier and then found away. The scene was very panoramic but till now zero-point had not been shown. Ascending, finally, after coming to a high place, a big panoramic view came when the ground was spread far and wide and in that place, a stone hut was seen.

Furakia Location

After walking from Furakia at ten o’clock in the morning, we reached zero points after walking continuously at around 12:30 pm, that is, two and a half hours. There is a Babaji hut here, which is being called Pindari Baba because they live here year after year. Even in those days when no one comes here. From the zero points, one has to climb 500 meters further to see the Pindari glacier. You can see the Pindari glacier from far away because landslides occur in this glacier a lot.

Meeting With Babaji

Babaji sometimes goes down to the ground. Babaji has done many social works to help the villagers in this valley. With their efforts, they also help in running the way of the village and the school, so the villagers here respect them a lot. Babaji has stored a lot of goods in his hut for a year. When Babaji goes to the ground, those who come at that time are unable to see him, but when we went, Babaji was there.

If Babaji is a moody man, if he likes them, then feed him, if he does not like them, he should not even talk. We talked to all four people with love and made khichdi and tea and fed them, but also said that the weather is going to get out soon. We had just eaten that it started snowing.


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