Blue Emerald City- Should be at the top of the Bucket list

Every other person needs a break from his hectic schedule. This helps the person to give himself some time to regain his/her concentration in any field that he/she is onto. Well, another aspect that can be considered as some privacy for the newly married couple or even a family. Everyone needs a break for sure. A person not considering such experiences in his/her life often ends up being agitated and frustrated which might even lead to certain health problems possibly related to the heart. Thus, it is recommended for every individual that he/she spends some time exploring the scenic beauty of Our Nature Earth.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands

Well, today the point of discussion would be surrounded by a place termed as Blue Emerald City. This place is located at the Bay of Bengal and is termed as Andaman and Nicobar Islands with being one of the prime tour locations for Indians as well as people from other parts of the World. There are around 500 islands that cover the entire territory as of today. This place is efficiently known for its white-sand beaches, palm trees along with mangroves, and tropical rain forests. Of the 500 islands, only 40 to 50 islands have been inhabited and the rest is preserved with no interference from Humans. These 32 islands themselves have various reasons for any individual to have it in one’s bucket list for sure to be completed once in his/her lifetime.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands 1

There are many historical places as well as beautiful beaches which mesmerizes every other individual and makes sure to have thought of returning sooner or later in one’s life. The cost of expenditure at any time is quite cheaper than most of the other places that one can imagine about. It is one of the Union territories of India. The most important places that every tourist regularly visits are Cellular JailRoss IslandLimestone caves, beautiful beaches in and around the islands.
One of the prime visits that a tourist must have it in his list of places to be visited while his/her trip to the islands would be the Cellular Jail or Kala Pani termed as Blackwaters. It is one of the oldest prisons in India and was built during the British rule over India. This jail was known to be set up to exile the political prison far away from the main-lands and make sure that these people suffer the most for the rest of one’s life. Today this is one of the prime national memorial monuments of India. This place conducts the Light and sound show which does describe the pain and ways the prisoners being treated in this place during that era.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands 2

This is located in the capital of the City and one can even find a cheap stay and visit the Cellular Jail on his first day itself. Another place that is quite famously known is the Havelock Islands. This Island is primarily known for its beautiful beach and its classic still water with one having the chance of walking for 200 to 300 meters and still find water covering only up till his knee. The Radhanagar beach is known to be one of the best beaches of Asia and was even amongst the top 10 in the year 2016 making it for sure to be the place of visit for anyone during his trip. To arrive at this place once can preferably opt for Cruise which will reach Havelock Island in and around one and a half hours which is quite less from the regular one. Additionally, this place does have some fast food joints and anyone can have his stomach filled if he/she ends up being hungry.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands 3

The best part would be the exciting adventurous sports that anyone interested can opt to try. The sea adventurous sports includes snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walking that one should for sure consider as one of the tasks while visiting the place.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands 4

This place does have some beautiful beaches along with classic resorts which add on to the personality of this place and does attract many tourists to have it visited.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands 5

One more place that a person must visit is Ross Islands. It is known to be the capital of these islands during the British ruling period. The place has a lot of houses which were built during that period and has illustrations along with it which let everyone know about its past. The place also has a beautiful beach present on the other side and one can even find Dears as well as peacocks in this particular Island. Since it is the nearest place to the city, many tourists prefer this being first on one’s visiting list. Some of the other places are Neil island– Known for adventurous sports, Jolly Boy Island– Known for its excellent beach, Chidiyatapu another beach- Also known as a place of habitat for many species of Birds, Baratang- very famous for naturally formed Lime Stone Caves and mud volcano which is quite smaller in size as of today, the only volcano that is alive in whole of India-Barren Island.

emerald islands andaman and nicobar islands 6

In short, the place within the Emerald Islands is a must-visit for any individual or a family who is interested in spending some valuable time together and be relieved for expenditure that one might incur during the visit. The above photos do justify the islands called Beautiful Emerald City all over the World.


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