We should all know about Somnath Mandir Ka Itihas and Somnath Mandir Ki Kahani as the mythological and historical significance of this temple is very high. First of all, know that Somnath Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and it is located in the state of Gujarat Today we will tell you about the mythology and history of this temple through this post.

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Somnath Mandir History

First of all, let us know that Somnath Jyotirlinga is located in Gir Somnath district in Prabhas region (Kathiawar region) in the state of Gujarat, this temple is near Veraval port on the banks of the sea if we will talk about Somnath Mandir Ki Kahani. Two, we have to know the story of Chandra Dev, if we try to know Somnath Mandir Ka Itihas, then we will have to know about the attacks on the temple, now let’s get these two information.

The legend of Somnath Mandir 

According to the mythological legend, everyone says Som means moon and Bholenath Shiv Shankar is the son of Som, then the name of this Jyotirlinga is Somnath. Let’s start Somnath Mandir Ki Kahani, Chandra Dev was married with 27 daughters of King Daksha. But Chandradev was the most loved Rohini among these 27 wives, Chandradev loved Rohini highly.

When Raja Daksha’s other daughters started to feel guilty, they complained to their father Raja Daksha, then Daksha explained it to Chandra Dev, but there was no effect on Chandra Dev and his attitude remained the same now. Daksha got angry and cursed Chandra Dev that Chandra will continue to lose its brightness and brightness day by day.

Chandra Dev Story

Now the result of this curse became frightening, Chandra Dev started losing his glory, it also had a bad effect on nature, all the Gods and Goddess were also disturbed, then all the Gods and Goddesses, along with the sage sages, found a way to get rid of this curse with Brahma Dev. Brahma Dev reached the moon and said, “If you go to the Prabhash region and do penance of Bholenath, all your sufferings will be eradicated”.

What was it now that Chandra Dev started the hard penance of Mahadev and meditated for a long time, finally Lord Shiva was pleased with this harsh austerity and freed Chandradev from that curse and along with it, obeyed the curse of King Daksha. Put, Bholenath said to Chandradev, “O Chandra Dev, every day one of your arts will decrease on the Krishna Paksha day, but in the Shukla room, every day your art will grow and you will get full glory on the full moon day”.

Now, if you do not understand Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha, then understand that it was a boon to Shiva that for 15 consecutive days, the brightness of Chandradev will decrease, after that the brightness will increase daily for the next 15 days.

Lord Bholenath Worship

Chandradev was happy to receive such a boon that the whole world was happy, now everything was normal, Chandradev requested Lord Bholenath, Bholenath, that you should stay with Mother Parvati, then Shivji kept the request of Chandra Dev and then Chandradeva Bholenath was established here and since then Bholenath started doing this residence, hence this Jyotirlinga is named Somnath.

Well apart from this, another legend is prevalent about Somnath temple that Shri Krishna sacrificed his body at this place. According to the legend, when the Yaduvanshi clan was destroyed in Prabhash region, Shri Krishna was very unhappy and in Prabhash region One day Lord Krishna was sleeping under the Peepal tree, when a hunter, considering his foot footsteps as a deer, gave him a poisonous arrow, which was placed in the soles of Shri Krishna, at that time God gave up his body.
A beautiful Krishna temple is built at the place where Lord Krishna left his body.

History of Somnath Temple

Let us now know the history of Somnath Mandir Ka Itihas. See this temple has been very magnificent since ancient times, hence Somnath temple has been attacked many times, it has been looted, it has been broken, we have read it in history, according to the information received it The temple came into existence before BC and the temple was rebuilt in the seventh century by the Maitraka kings (Vallabhi).

Now according to the first information received to break this temple, in the second half of the century, the governor of Sindh broke it, then it was rebuilt by King Nagabhatta. Now according to the information received, in 1024, Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked this temple with the army and looted it. (Property) Many devotees lost their lives in this attack.

Rebuilding the Somnath temple

Now the task of rebuilding the Somnath temple was taken over by King Bhimdev of Gujarat and King Bhoj of Malwa, later Siddharaj Jai Singh, King Khangar of Saurashtra and Vijayeshwar Kumar Pal also supported.

Now it is a matter of Somnath Mandir Ka Itihas that in the year 1297, when Alauddin Khilji was sitting on the throne of Delhi, the commander of Alauddin attacked Gujarat and again the Somnath temple was looted and ran away with all the wealth of the temple again. Kings built.

Now come, in 1665, in Aurangzeb, again he broke the holy temple of Somnath and even after that he did not sit silent, he saw that even after the temple was broken, people are worshiping at the same place, then Aurangzeb sent an army and then After a lot of blood shed, Aurangzeb again rebuilt this temple in the year 1706, after a few years, the Queen Ahilyabai of Indore moved out of the main temple and built a second temple for worship.

Now when India became independent from the British, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel took the responsibility to build the Somnath Temple and the credit for the construction of the Somnath temple that you see today goes to Mr. Patel, this temple was completed in 1962. So you all saw how terrible the history of Somnath Temple is.

The Conclusion

If seen, India was really a magnificent country, but it has been a misfortune of our country that foreign invaders have been here and looted a lot. In this post, you got information about All History And Story Of Somnath Temple that I have told you have shared with you on the basis of research, if there is any error, I am sorry.


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