All the secrets of delicious stir-fried frogs shared by Professional Chefs will be in the recipe below. So, refer to it now to prepare delicious dishes for the whole family to enjoy!

Stir-fried Frog Roll is a familiar dish to us. This dish has an extremely delicious taste, ensuring that anyone who has tasted it once will become addicted. The tough, chewy, sweet and greasy frog meat is combined with the flavors of common stir-fried ingredients such as the aroma of lemongrass, curry and even greasy coconut milk… All of which create a stimulating dish. taste and leave an indelible impression.

In addition to the irresistible delicious taste, according to Oriental medicine, frog meat is cold, sweet and non-toxic. Therefore, they have the effect of treating tuberculosis, treating perforated edema and scabies in children. Moreover, frog meat also has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, and nourishing the body after birth or after getting sick. Then hurry up to the kitchen to prepare this delicious and nutritious dish right away, friends!

How to make raw frog meat clean and safe

Choose fresh frog meat
Choosing fresh frog meat is the first secret to making the dish taste good (Photo: Internet)

Step 1: You should remove the following parts after butchering the frog:

– Backbone: This is the part that contains anesthetic substances that will affect health when eaten.

Guts: Remove the intestines from the frog’s intestines as it is one of the dirtiest parts.

– The veins are only on the frog’s thighs.

Step 2: After removing the above parts, cut the frog meat into bite-sized pieces and then wash it.

Step 3: You can wash frog meat with ginger wine to both remove the fishy smell and kill bacteria or you can use vinegar and salt to wash the frog meat. In addition, in order to hunt frog meat and remove worms, you should lightly blanch the frog with turmeric powder and ginger wine to make the dish more attractive.

Ingredients for preparing stir-fried frogs

  • 300g frog meat
  • 50g ready grated coconut
  • Condiments: curry, seasoning, pepper, lemongrass powder (if available), chili powder, table sugar
  • Peanuts (groundnut)
  • 1 carrot
  • cilantro
  • A little wood ear
  • Purple onion, lemongrass, garlic

Instructions on how to make stir-fried frogs

Step 1: Prepare frog meat

– With the fried frog dish, you should choose a live frog, ask the seller to clean it or bring it home to prepare the frog in the above way. This is the first secret to the correct taste of the dish. If you like to eat frog legs, you can visit the supermarket to buy it. However, please note the production date and saltiness of the marinade so that when seasoning, you can reduce the seasoning to taste!

– Frogs after cleaning, cutting and blanching with wine and turmeric, then you start to marinate the frogs with spices including: seasoning seeds, curry, lemongrass powder, chili powder, sugar, and pepper. If you don’t have lemongrass powder, you can substitute it with minced fresh lemongrass.

how to make stir-fried frog meat
Frog meat must be fully seasoned and soaked (Photo: Internet)

Step 2: Prepare other ingredients

– Grated coconut squeeze 1 cup of juice, set aside

– Carrots you cut into long thin pieces, just eat

– Mushrooms are soaked, washed, and then cut off the legs

– Coriander, washed, cut into pieces about 2cm

– Red onion, garlic and lemongrass thinly sliced ​​and minced

Step 3: How to cook

– Fry until fragrant, minced onion, garlic and lemongrass, then add frog meat and sauté over high heat until the frog meat is hunted, then continue to add all the carrots and stir-fry together.

– When the carrots are soft, add the wood ear and stir-fry for about 1 to 2 minutes. After that, pour the prepared coconut milk into the pot, then reduce the heat and cook until the water thickens.

– Finally, you taste the seasoning to taste, then add coriander, turn off the heat, scoop out the plate and sprinkle a little more roasted peanuts on top is the finished dish.

cook fried frog dishes
Stir-fried frog is a dish that many people love (Photo: Internet)

The way to cook fried frog roll is quite simple, isn’t it! But please note the tips that we have shared. That is the way to make your food more delicious and attractive. In addition to this stir-fried frog, learn how to make a delicious stir-fried frog with lemongrass, chili, and satay to change your taste. Good luck!


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