A hot pot of Linh fish sauce converges many quintessence of Southern cuisine with ingredients cooked from specialty fish, served with a lot of vegetables only in the West and elaborately cooked hot pot from local fish sauce. wild but bold, intoxicating ecstasy. When traveling to Can Tho, you should not miss the famous fish sauce hotpot dish , or you can refer to how to cook a Western standard fish sauce hot pot that is not inferior to the restaurant for the whole family to enjoy.

Linh fish sauce hot pot
The delicious fish sauce hotpot is famous all over the country. (Photo: Internet)

Western spirit fish sauce hot pot

Ingredients for cooking Linh fish sauce hot pot

  • 500g pork bones
  • 200g Linh fish sauce
  • 100g choke fish sauce
  • 200g fresh shrimp
  • 200g squid
  • 500g snakehead fish
  • 200g basa fish
  • 100g beef
  • 100g eel
  • 1 eggplant
  • 2 lemongrass plants
  • 50g minced lemongrass
  • 50g seasoning seeds
  • 50g rock sugar
  • Cooking oil
  • Accompanying vegetables: coriander , bitter greens, water spinach , water lily, bitter melon.
  • 1 kg of fresh vermicelli
indispensable vegetables
Enjoying Nam Bo fish sauce hotpot is indispensable with special vegetables. (Photo: Internet)

How to cook Linh fish sauce hot pot

Step 1: The broth cellar

– Buy pork bones, cut into pieces to taste, blanch in boiling water once to filter out dirt and foam on the bones. Wash it again and then put it in a boiling pot of water for about 30 minutes – 1 hour to get the broth.

Step 2: Cook fish sauce

– Put the fish paste and fish in the pot with 500ml of water into the pot, turn the heat to medium. Cook for about 10 minutes to melt the fish, then turn off the heat. Strain the whole fish and water through a sieve, take all the water, discard the carcass. For this fish sauce hot pot, the ingredient that determines 50% of the success of the main dish is fish paste and fish choke. Therefore, you should choose to buy delicious fish paste and fish at reputable and quality selling addresses.

Step 3: Prepare eggplant

– Eggplant you wash, cut into circles or long pieces to taste, soak in diluted salt water for about 10 minutes so that the eggplants do not darken, take them out and drain. Then, you put the cooking oil in the pan, fry the minced lemongrass aroma, when the lemongrass gives off the aroma, drop the eggplant in and stir for about 3 minutes and then turn off the stove.

Step 4: Finish cooking the broth

– After the stew bone is soft enough, add the mixture of fish sauce, crushed lemongrass, eggplant, seasoning, and rock sugar into the broth, cook for another 10 minutes, season to taste, and then turn off the stove.

Step 5: Prepare the remaining ingredients

  • Snakehead fish is scaled, washed, cut into bite-sized pieces. Shrimps are cleaned, bearded, peeled.
  • Basa fish you rub salt to clean the oil, rinse thoroughly with water. Wash the beef and pat dry. Clean eel, cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Squid is washed, remove the white tube bone from the squid body, use scissors to cut off the ink nozzle. After cleaning, cut the squid into circles and then put it on a plate with the remaining ingredients including basa, shrimp, beef, and eel.
  • The vegetables you should soak in diluted salt water for about 3 minutes to remove harmful substances from the vegetables, then wash and dry.
hot pot broth with fish sauce
The fish sauce hot pot broth is very attractive. (Photo: Internet)

Step 6: Enjoy fish sauce hotpot

You put the pot of hot pot on the gas stove, add the ingredients and the hot pot, respectively, turn the heat to the highest level so that the hot temperature can blanch the ingredients. Linh fish fish sauce hotpot, served with white vermicelli and Western vegetables such as dandelion, coriander, bitter vegetables, gun stalks… is the perfect combination.


Linh fish sauce hotpot is a combination of river specialties of the people of the Southwest region. Over time, it was imported to many regions and became a favorite with many people. The taste of fish sauce hotpot is rich but rustic like the people in the river here: honest, simple and interesting. Winter is here, let’s learn how to cook fish sauce hot pot to have a delicious , hot hot pot to enjoy on the weekend.


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