The sweetness and aroma of  frog meat  mixed with vegetables such as sour bamboo shoots, Giang leaves, lemongrass and chili … bring unforgettable taste experiences for people to enjoy.

fog meat
What’s delicious to cook frog meat? (Internet photo)

How to cook delicious sour bamboo shoot frog hot pot

Ingredients for cooking sour bamboo shoot frog hot pot

  • 1.5kg of frog meat
  • 500g tubular bone
  • 400g bamboo shoots
  • Tofu, bean paste
  • Water spinach , Chinese smell, lemon leaves, guise leaves.
  • Lemongrass, garlic, dried onion, shiitake, pepper, paprika, satay, tamarind.
  • Red rice cake
Frog bamboo shoots hotpot
Spicy and spicy frog bamboo shoot hotpot for warm winter days. (Photo: Internet)

How to cook spicy and sour bamboo shoot frog hot pot

Step 1: Prepare frog meat and ingredients

– Should choose field frogs, although they are not as fat as farmed frogs, the meat is more fragrant and firmer. When buying frogs, ask the seller to preliminarily prepare them for meat, squeeze salt at home, then rinse with water and dry. Then cut the frog into bite-sized pieces.

– Cut bamboo shoots into lead shapes, wash and then boil them, then wash them one more time.

– Pickled water spinach, washed. The smell of the boat was washed and cut into 3cm pieces. Pickled mushrooms bloom, rinse. The guise leaves, the smell of the ship, are washed and cut into pieces.

– Peeled garlic, minced into large pieces, fried until fragrant and then removed. Tofu paste cut into bite-sized pieces, fried and puffed.

Step 2: Broth

– Bones are washed, put in a pot of water, add a little salt and then bring to a boil, then remove the bones, remove the water. Continue to add new water just enough to eat hot pot and simmer the bones with smashed lemongrass.

– When the water boils, skim off the foam and season to taste.

Step 3: Fry the frogs

– Fry the frog meat and frog skin until golden brown, then turn off the heat, remove to a plate lined with greaseproof paper.

Step 4: Cook sour bamboo shoot frog hot pot

– Heat cooking oil in a pan, add boiled bamboo shoots and stir-fry, add 1 teaspoon of seasoning seeds, 1 teaspoon of satay for richness and flavoring. When the bamboo shoots have soaked in spices, pour the fried golden frogs and non-aromatic garlic on the island. Before going out, put some guise leaves and the smell of the ship on the island quickly.

– Put shiitake mushrooms in a pot of boiling water, then add the stir-fried frog mixture with bamboo shoots, guise leaves, and Chinese flavor. Adjust seasoning to taste and you’re done.

Step 5: Enjoy

– Serve hot pot with water spinach, tofu, bean curd, red rice paper and vermicelli.

How to cook frog hot pot with strange tongue

Frog leaf hot pot ingredients

  • 1kg of fresh frogs
  • 4 ripe tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of leaves
  • 6 green or dried tamarind
  • Seasoning seeds, granulated sugar
  • 2 dried garlic bulbs
  • 10 fresh chili
  • 5 branches of fresh lemongrass
  • Fish sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking oil.
  • 1.5 – 2 liters of broth
  • 50g deep fried flour
  • 1 small bunch of water spinach
  • 1 kg of fresh vermicelli
  • Coriander, braised vegetables, scallions, bananas, lettuce…
How to make frog hot pot with leaves
The way to make frog hot pot with leaves is simple but delicious like a restaurant. (Photo: Internet)

How to cook frog hot pot with leaves

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

– Leaves pick up young leaves, wash them, while washing, crush the leaves with your hands. Remove to a basket to drain.

– Green tamarind, scrape off the sticky powder on the outside of the peel with a razor, wash it. A squeeze of dried tamarind can be used instead of fresh tamarind.

– Lemongrass, fresh chili, dried garlic, cleaned and chopped, set aside for each bowl. Tomatoes washed, add areca zone.

– The accompanying raw vegetables are also washed, removed from the basket to wait for the water to drain.

– If you want delicious pork broth, you should quickly return the pork bones to the stew, this way is a bit long and takes time, but on the contrary,  cooking hot pot  is very delicious.

Step 2: Processing frog meat

In order to make the delicious frog hotpot dish  without fishy taste, you should choose large, stout frogs, you can buy them for preliminary processing at home or ask the seller to make them ready.

– After making the frog meat clean (pay attention to keep the skin) you add lemongrass, minced chili, salt and pepper, mix well, and then let it sit for about 30 minutes for the seasoning to penetrate the frog meat.

Step 3: Breaded and deep fried

– Frog has been seasoned and rolled into a layer of deep-fried flour so that the dough adheres evenly to the frog meat. Then pour the frog into a pan of hot oil, fry until the frog meat is golden, then take it out on a plate lined with absorbent paper.

Pay attention when frying frogs, you need to observe that the frog meat is golden, then immediately take it out because frying for too long will be dry and tough, affecting the taste of the frog hot pot.

Step 4: Proceed to cook frog hot pot with leaves

– Put the peeled tamarind in a pot of water on the stove, then add a cup of filtered water, boil for about 20 minutes until the tamarind is cooked, then pour this water through a sieve to comb out the juice and the leftovers. .

– Cut the braised vegetables and coriander into small pieces to prepare for the pot of hot pot broth.

– Fry the garlic with lemongrass, minced chili, then pour in the broth plus tamarind juice and tomatoes to add areca. Turn on the heat and cook until the water in the pot boils, add white sugar, fish sauce, seasoning seeds, stir well.

– Next pour coriander, braised vegetables, just chopped, with the head of white scallions, sliced ​​horn pepper, and cook for about 2 more minutes to finish.

Step 5: Enjoy

– Display ingredients including deep-fried frogs, raw vegetables, fresh vermicelli, chili fish sauce around and serve with hot pot.

frog hot pot
Frog hot pot dishes attract many people because of their delicious and novel flavors. (Photo: Internet)


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