How to Live One Week in New York with a small budget

Traveling occasionally is recommended to every individual living across the world. It is always advised to travel at least once every six months so that the individual gets time to spend with himself/herself and have a chance of getting to know about oneself much better. It also helps in reducing the stress levels for the individual and helps him/her to get relaxed as well as perform all chores much better than before. Well, one of the aspects is traveling and the other is the planning. There could be various reasons for a person to travel across the world. Some of the reasons that are majorly possible are educational trips, tours, business trips, and various others amongst the many. Some trips might be for at least for a week and the budget that a person could spend could be a constraint. One such place where people need a ransom for staying at a place and enjoying the culture, as well as the atmosphere, is the New York City in the US. Here, we are going to see some of the best tips for spending one week in New York on a small budget.

how to live one week in new york with a small budget

Personal Stay: While touring New York City for the first time as a couple, it is obvious for people to prefer awesome hotels for staying purposes. But there might be cases when the individual is traveling alone on a personal trip or a business trip. In these cases, if the entire trip needs to be taken care of by himself/herself, then the money spent on accommodation could be reduced to a certain extent staying at dorms or sharing rooms. These rooms consist of a shared fridge, and most importantly share bathrooms. Thus, this is one of the major ways of saving sufficient bucks during the 1-week stay in New York City.

how to live one week in new york with a small budget 1

Need for a metro card: People tend to travel to a lot of places while in New York City. The city is known for its vibrant atmosphere where everyone likes. One must know that traveling without a metro card under a budget constraint is almost equal to committing a crime. People buying a metro card, have quite a lot of benefits such as all the tickets are as low as five to ten dollars and this is something with which a person could spend a day easily.

how to live one week in new york with a small budget 3

Strolling the New York Street: One must always prefer roaming the city through a walk when on a low budget. Strolling around the city allows every individual to take enough pictures as well as experience the classic crowd that spend their time in the city. If a person is interested in having a green surrounding, then one can even go to the nearby park for a walk. It is advised to everyone that walking occasionally improves body health and when on a budget constraint, it is the best thing to do.

how to live one week in new york with a small budget 4

These are some of the prime points that one could consider doing in New York while their 1 week stays with a low budget constraint.


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