Jellyfish are often used to prepare dishes such as jellyfish soup with perch, jellyfish salad with shrimp and meat, jellyfish noodles, jellyfish hotpot…. Jellyfish salad (also known as jellyfish salad) is a very popular dish because of the cool, crunchy taste of jellyfish meat. Green mango jellyfish salad is a dish containing a lot of fiber, which helps to cool down the body and support weight loss.

Green mango jellyfish salad is a cool dish
Green mango jellyfish salad is a cool, crunchy, and very popular dish. (Photo: Internet)

Ingredients for green mango jellyfish salad

– 200g jellyfish – 1 green mango – 1 carrot – ½ bowl of roasted peanuts – Spices: fish sauce, lemon, sugar, chili, garlic – Dried beef – Herbs, coriander

How to make green mango jellyfish salad

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

To ensure safety and hygiene, you should choose pre-seasoned packaged jellyfish in supermarkets. Buy jellyfish, wash, and boil in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. After salvaging the jellyfish, put it in a bowl of ice water to keep the jellyfish’s crunchy, fresh taste.

sơ chế sứa
Put the jellyfish in cold water to keep the meat fresh and crispy. (Photo: Internet)

– Green mangoes and carrots are peeled and then sliced ​​into thin fibers with a tool. Squeeze the grated green mango and carrot with a little salt and squeeze gently. This will help reduce the sour taste of the mango and the pungent smell of the carrots. – Garlic peeled, washed, minced. Chili peppers, seeded and finely chopped. The herbs are washed, drained and thinly sliced. Roasted peanuts smashed just right.

Step 2: Mix jellyfish salad with water

To mix jellyfish salad, you mix according to the following recipe: dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar in water to dissolve the sugar, then add 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, ½ teaspoon of salt, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Then mix well with minced garlic and chili.

Step 3: Mix green mango jellyfish salad

After preparing the ingredients, put the jellyfish, carrots, green mango and herbs in a clean bowl, pour the salad dressing and mix well. Let it sit for about 10 minutes for the spices to infuse into the jellyfish meat. Finally put the jellyfish salad on a plate and decorate the dish with roasted peanuts.

Finished Product Requirements

The jellyfish’s flesh is transparent, crispy, chewy, and has a natural sweetness that blends with sweet and sour fish sauce, carrots, green mangoes and fragrant roasted peanuts. The dish will be more delicious when served with crispy rice paper.

Green mango jellyfish salad with catchy colors
Green mango jellyfish salad has an eye-catching color and an attractive taste. (Photo: Internet)

Some notes when making green mango jellyfish salad

If you do not buy jellyfish available in the supermarket, you can prepare fresh jellyfish as a mannequin in the following way:

With freshly caught jellyfish, you first take the shell and cut off the tentacles. Then turn the inside of the shell upside down, scrub with sand to completely remove the slime of jellyfish. When the jellyfish is clean, wash it with water. During preliminary processing, pay attention to wear gloves to avoid contact with jellyfish poison.

Fresh jellyfish need to be processed twice to ensure the removal of toxins. After the initial preparation, you dissolve salt and alum in water, soak the jellyfish in this mixture so that the jellyfish is crispy, retains water and does not dry out. Soak about 3 times until the jellyfish turns light red or light yellow. At this time, jellyfish meat can be processed to make salad or other dishes.

Although jellyfish are popular, it is important to note that children under 8 years old and people who are allergic to seafood can eat because the toxins in jellyfish can cause breathing difficulties, nausea, and poisoning.


With the basic steps for making green mango jellyfish salad, hopefully you have your own recipe for a delicious salad so you can show off your skills to make it for your family to enjoy.


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