What is the effect of suffering, what is the treatment?

What is the effect of suffering?
Bitter gourd is not only for cooking but also has great effects in healing and beauty. (Photo: Internet)

Bitter gourd (also known as bitter melon) is a fruit of the gourd family. Bitter melon contains a lot of vitamin C with the content 5-20 times higher than cucumber. Bitter gourd not only has the effect of detoxifying, brightening eyes, clearing heat but also has many other medicinal uses that many of us do not know.

Protects the heart, strengthens the immune system

Bitter melon has the effect of preventing hemorrhage, protecting cell membranes, preventing atherosclerosis, anti-cancer, improving resistance, preventing colds, protecting the heart. In addition, the glycoside of bitter melon has the effect of reducing blood sugar, so it has an adjunctive therapeutic effect on diabetes.

Detoxify heat

According to Oriental medicine, bitter melon has a bitter taste, has a cooling property, has the effect of clearing heat, brightening the eyes, and detoxifying, so it is suitable for cooling, refreshment, brightening eyes, cooling the liver, laxative, tonic kidney and yang tonic. In addition, bitter melon can be boiled as a bath water for children in the summer to eliminate heat rash, as a remedy for coughs, to treat summer colds, to clear heat in the lungs and taste.

Prevent acne, beautify skin

Using water boiled from bitter melon helps you cool down your body, unclog pores and help regenerate your skin. In addition, vitamin C in bitter melon can also prevent skin aging and beautify the skin. However, the basic nutrients in bitter melon will be reduced after processing, so the best way is to use raw bitter melon, drink juice or smoothies from bitter melon for the best effect.

In addition, you can manually show off your kitchen skills to take care of your family by making a simple, easy- to- cook egg fried bitter gourd dish according to the instructions below.

Should I eat a lot of bitter melon?

– Eating bitter melon is very good for health, but eating too much can lead to diarrhea and stomach problems.

Not only causing indigestion, the intestines and seeds inside bitter melon also contain many toxic components that can be harmful to the health of children. Therefore, you should not give your children foods made from bitter melon. If you want to change the taste for a daily meal, you need to boil (blanch) bitter melon in boiling water before processing and cooking.

People with low blood pressure should also abstain from eating bitter melon because bitter melon has the effect of reducing blood pressure, if eaten too much will lead to low blood pressure, causing headaches and dizziness. Patients with low blood pressure should limit the use of bitter melon.

– People with liver and kidney disease should avoid eating bitter melon because this food is difficult to digest and can cause bloating.

People with G6PD deficiency (an enzyme that plays an important role in red blood cell metabolism) should also avoid bitter melon. Common symptoms of this disease include lethargy, abdominal pain, headache, and high fever.

Besides, when you consume too much bitter melon, the amount of toxins in this vegetable will affect the function of enzymes, causing harm to health.

Should pregnant women eat fried bitter melon?

According to previous studies, bitter melon seeds can induce pregnancy and bitter melon fruit has the ability to cause genetic mutations. Therefore, to ensure safety, pregnant women should not use bitter melon.

In addition, breastfeeding women should not eat bitter melon because some bad ingredients can be passed through breast milk. Toxicity in adults is low, but if children use it, there will be problems because the intestines and seeds of bitter melon contain many toxic components that are harmful to the health of children.

Instructions on how to make delicious fried egg without bitter melon

How to make bitter gourd with scrambled eggs
The way to make fried bitter gourd with eggs is quite simple. (Photo: Internet)

Bitter melon is a very good cooking food, if you know how to use it, it is still a delicious and healthy dish. You can manually show off your kitchen skills to take care of your family by making a simple, easy-to-cook egg fried bitter gourd dish following the instructions below.

Stir-fried bitter melon with egg ingredients

  • 2-3 bitter melons
  • 1-2 chicken eggs
  • Seasoning: fish sauce, salt, cooking oil, pepper…

How to make easy fried egg with bitter gourd

Step 1: Preliminary processing of bitter melon

– Bitter melon bought at the market brought back, washed, soaked in salt water to remove all bacteria and then removed the intestines. Slice bitter melon to eat. Should be beveled to make the dish more attractive.

Step 2: How to Stir-fry Bitter Gourd with Eggs

– Next, beat the eggs with a little sugar and fish sauce.

– Put a clean pan on the stove until it is hot and then add a little oil. Wait for the oil to boil, add chopped dried onions and fry until golden brown. Add bitter melon to stir-fry, add a little seasoning to taste.

– When the bitter melon is almost ripe, add the beaten eggs and stir well. The eggs will stick around the bitter melon.

Step 3: Done

– Try again and season to taste. Remove the dish to a plate and sprinkle with green onions and pepper to make it attractive.

– Stir-fried bitter melon with eggs will be more delicious when eaten with white rice when it is still hot.

What delicious dishes do you cook?

– Bitter gourd (bitter gourd) fried with eggs is the simplest and most popular dish often chosen by families in their meals. However, to enrich the menu from bitter melon, you can refer to some other equally attractive ways of preparing bitter melon:

– Bitter melon soup stuffed with meat : Bitter gourd remove the intestines. Stuffing pork, minced wood ear marinated with spices into the cleaned bitter gourd peel. Stew bones to get broth to cook soup. When the broth boils, add bitter melon stuffed with meat and stew until soft, then turn off the heat. Sprinkle with finely chopped scallions and coriander to make the dish attractive. Pay attention to open the lid when cooking the soup so that the bitter melon keeps its green color.

khổ qua nấu món gì ngon
Bitter gourd soup stuffed with meat is also a popular dish in family meals. (Photo: Internet)

– Bitter gourd soup cooked with crab : Bitter gourd is washed, thinly sliced, blanched in boiling water to reduce bitterness. Pureed copper crabs filter the water to cook the soup, pour into the pot to boil. When the water boils and the crabs rise, take out the bricks and fry them with onions, then pour them back into the pot of soup to boil again. Season to taste and then add bitter gourd to cook. When the soup boils, add the scallions and turn off the heat.

–  Stir- fried bitter melon with mushrooms : Wash and dry bitter melon. Peel the carrots and cut into long strips. Stir-fry onions, then add mushrooms and stir-fry, then add carrots and bitter melon to stir-fry together. Tasting spices to taste. When bitter melon is soft, add green onions and coriander and enjoy. This is considered an ideal vegetarian dish for a frugal weekend.


Hopefully, the information about the use and processing of bitter melon above will be useful to you in using this fruit in healing and taking care of your family.


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