Stir-fried meat with fish sauce is a typical dish of Hue people. Today, this dish is present and becomes an indispensable dish in many family meals in all regions. Thanks to the delicious aroma that is perfectly combined between the delicious bacon and the salty taste of Hue fish sauce, the spiciness of chili and lemongrass makes the dish more attractive and brings rice. No need for delicious food, this popular dish is enough to make your family meal more cozy than ever.

Braised meat with fish sauce
Braised meat with rich fish sauce for a meal (Photo: Internet)

What is a fish sauce? Why is shrimp paste so popular?

Rooster, called moi in the North, Amplified in the South. Shrimp are crustaceans that look like a shrimp but are many times smaller. Due to its small size, it is often eaten fresh, dried or used to make fish sauce. Snails live in brackish or saltwater environments, they are present all along the coast of our country. But in each region is different, usually from November of the lunar calendar to March of the following year is the season when you can catch the most shrimp.

In terms of flavor, each region will have a different way of making it, but in general, they all have a unique salty taste and smell. The Southern shrimp paste has a purple-brown color, the Central ones have a slightly lighter color. In the South, fish sauce is often used as a seasoning seasoning, eaten immediately or processed with many different ingredients. In particular, fried fish sauce with bacon is just a dish that many people love because it is both delicious and preserved for a long time.

Instructions on how to make stir-fried meat with fish sauce


  • ½ cup of fish sauce
  • Purple onion
  • 500g pork belly (should choose the type that has both lean and fat is the best)
  • Dangerous chili
  • 1 cup minced lemongrass
  • Sugar
  • MSG
fish sauce
½ cup of fish sauce is enough for 4 people to eat (Photo: Internet)


Step 1: Prepare ingredients

– Bacon only bought, washed and then cut into moderate squares, and then cut each square piece in half with the tip of your finger.


With stir-fried meat with fish sauce, you should not cut meat like regular stock because it will not absorb the seasoning.

– You put 1 water in it, stir well, let the residue settle to the bottom. If you can buy Hue fish sauce, the dish will be even more delicious.

Step 2: Processing

– Now, you heat the cooking oil and then drop the minced shallots into the pan.

– Pour the meat into the island and stir until it’s hunted, then add the minced lemongrass, stir well so that the lemongrass is fragrant and dry, then drop the minced chili.

– At this time, slowly pour in the fish sauce, continue to cook until the pork stir-fried with fish sauce comes to a boil, then add sugar and monosodium glutamate to taste. Continue to cook braised pork with fish sauce over low heat until the fish sauce becomes thick and sticky, then turn off the heat, remove the pot from the stove.

Tips for making stir-fried meat with fish sauce for a long time

– For stir- fried meat with fish sauce , you should boil fried pork with fish sauce for a long time to make it more salty.

In addition to the salty stir-fry, the fish sauce is completely dried and stored in the refrigerator to last longer.

– To make the fish sauce taste just right, add granulated sugar and MSG according to your family’s own taste. After seasoning, you can add satay or minced fresh chili for a spicy taste.

– When stir-fried, you should wear gloves, wear an apron and work hard to clean the kitchen after processing.

The delicious stir- fried meat with fish sauce is quickly prepared without having to marinate the meat in advance. No matter where the food is processed, the aroma just wakes up, attractive there, making you want to enjoy it immediately. A special note when cooking this dish is that you have to cook a lot of rice because it will take a lot of rice. How to make fried fish sauce with meat and tips to make fish sauce is too convenient for dinner tonight, isn’t it? Wishing you and your family a delicious, cozy meal!


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