According to scientific studies, potatoes and tomatoes contain many minerals and vitamins, so they will provide resistance to people as well as help the body develop healthy thanks to good nutrients. You can make tomatoes and potatoes into many delicious dishes, or combine both ingredients in a mouth-watering, mouth-watering way to make tomato-fried potatoes. Are you ready to get into the kitchen and show off your ingenuity?

fried potatoes with tomatoes
Frugal, healthy fried potatoes (Photo: Internet)

Are tomato fried potatoes poisonous?

For many people, tomato-fried potatoes are a familiar dish, but recently there have been reports that eating a lot of this dish will cause cancer and other dangers. So are fried potatoes with tomatoes poisonous?

No nutritionist or scientist in the world has proven that potatoes and tomatoes are incompatible, causing serious health problems for users. Therefore, it can be affirmed that fried potatoes with tomatoes is a completely normal dish and you can rest assured to enjoy. However, you also need to pay attention not to eat this dish too much because during processing, the fat will secrete pectin and phenolic, causing indigestion and bloating. People with a history of stomach disease should limit eating potatoes because they will easily have digestive disorders and diarrhea.

tomato with potatoes
Ca pagoda combined with potatoes is not harmful to users (Image: Internet)

How to choose good potatoes

To get a delicious tomato-fried potato dish, you need to know how to choose a potato because if you are not careful, you will have to choose the right potato to sprout, which will be poisonous, it will leave unpredictable consequences for people to enjoy. Tips for choosing potatoes are as follows:

– Observe the outer shell: do not choose tubers with scratched skin because bacteria and dirt can penetrate inside, no longer safe.

– Should choose smooth tubers, not rough, concave errors. In particular, you must remember to observe carefully whether the potato tubers sprout or not, if so, absolutely do not choose. Sprouted potatoes contain toxins that affect health.

– Pressing the potato with your hand is also a good potato tip you can apply. If the potato is firm and hard, it is a fresh potato, otherwise, you should not buy it.

– The potatoes are about the same size, but the heavier ones will taste better.

delicious potatoes
Delicious potatoes will help you cook many attractive dishes (Photo: Internet)

In addition, you should also note that sometimes for-profit sellers can break the sprouts of the potato and throw it away, so if you see a green stain or a concave scar, you should avoid choosing these tubers.

How to make tomato-fried potatoes that are both delicious and healthy

Prepare ingredients for fried potatoes with tomatoes

– Large potatoes: 4 potatoes

– Tomatoes: 2

– Garlic: 2 cloves

– Spring onion

– Cooking oil

– Spices: soft seeds, pepper, salt…

How to fry potatoes with tomatoes is both delicious and nutritious

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Peel potatoes, wash and prepare a basin of water, cut potatoes into pieces, put them in a pot immediately so that they do not darken. Soak potatoes for about 10 minutes, remove and drain.

– Tomatoes and green onions are also washed. Then cut the tomatoes and scallions into small pieces.

– Peel 2 garlic cloves, cut into thin slices.

peel potatoes
Peel potatoes (Photo: Internet)

Step 2: How to stir-fry potatoes with tomatoes

– Put the pan on the stove, fry the garlic with the oil until fragrant, then put the potatoes in the pan and stir for 2 minutes. Add tomatoes and stir-fry together, seasoning to suit your taste.

– Wait for the potatoes to cook, add a little green onion and herbs to make the dish more delicious, turn off the heat, scoop out the plate and enjoy.

fried potatoes
Stir-fry potatoes (Photo: Internet)

Finished Product Requirements

Stir-fried potatoes with tomatoes is a rich dish, soft, fleshy, sweet potatoes blend with the taste of tomatoes, adding a little aroma of onions to make the dish undeniably attractive. You can enjoy this dish with hot rice, dipped in spicy soy sauce for a fuller flavor.

Potato soup with tomatoes
Potato soup with tomatoes is also very delicious and nutritious (Photo: Internet)

Some notes on how to make fried potatoes with tomatoes

– Stir-fry tomatoes with potatoes on medium heat, avoiding high heat will make vegetables not cooked in time.

– Buy ingredients at reputable places, ensure food safety and hygiene.

– Stir-fry the dish has just cooked, if it is cooked for too long, the potatoes and tomatoes will be overcooked, not delicious.

Hopefully with the above recipes of fried potatoes and tomatoes, you will have one more delicious FOOTBALL to enjoy with everyone and feel more secure about health issues. Don’t forget to save the recipe above and go to the kitchen to make it as soon as you have time. Good luck!


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