How to travel to Singapore on a budget Yet enjoy your travel

Everyone loves traveling to new places once at least every 2 months. this helps in making us feel relieved and be relieved from all the stress that we had. This is one of the main reasons for people advising to travel occasionally. One of the places that people can consider visiting in Singapore. This is one of the fastest developing Asian Country which is not so budget-friendly as one would expect. Do not get disheartened, because there is always a way to spend your holiday within the budget in every other country. It all lies in how much research you put behind it to find the best budget-friendly places in the city. Below are some of the best places that one could consider visiting while in Singapore at the lowest price and yet be able to enjoy the outing to the fullest.
Avoid Water bottles: This is one of the prime points that one must remember while traveling to a place like Singapore. Water is quite costlier in Singapore. A one and half liter costs you around 3.30 SGD which comes to around about two dollars in terms of the US. One must say that tap water is quite refreshing and people could drink it as much as they want, the reason being it is completely free. Thus, as proper advice to the public visiting Singapore with minimum budget, avoiding plastic water bottles would be one of the best ways of saving sufficient bucks for other trips.
how to travel to singapore on a budget yet enjoy your travel
Using Public Taxis: Another point to be noted. In Singapore next to the water, the costliest thing that one might find is the rates at which the taxis operate. They would easily rip you off with all of the amounts and there will be nothing left for further enjoyment in the city. It is advised to people to use the public buses and metro for traveling throughout the City. As the travel map of Singapore might be slightly tricky, in these cases asking the officials for guidance is not a bad idea. In this manner, this is another method of saving sufficient bucks for further trips within the city.
how to travel to singapore on a budget yet enjoy your travel 1
Sentosa Island: A visit to this island is a must when traveling on a budget. This place has a lot of varieties of food as well as the scenic beauty that one could experience. The place can be visited by traveling to the Sentosa Express which costs around 4 SGD that comes around to three US dollars. People can also spend some valuable time in the theme park as well as try their hands on trying the Golf sport as well. People can be assured of spending some valuable time in this exotic place on a budget that they never expected to do so.
how to travel to singapore on a budget yet enjoy your travel 2
These are some of the great points that one could consider while planning a trip to Singapore when there is a budget constraint.


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