Welcome to Lucknow Mahotsav 2019-2020 In this post we will talk about a festival to be held in Lucknow, a famous city in the country of India, which is famous as “Lucknow Festival”, the city Lucknow is on a fast track. It is, we are on the path of change, our city of Lucknow, Lucknow is very beautiful here, Imamabada like parks, temples, markets, all heritage heritage attract tourists.

Lucknow Festival

This time this festival will start on Monday, 25 November 2019, and it was to end on Thursday, 05 December 2019, but now it will be from 17 January, the third week of January 2020, the theme of this time festival has not been decided yet.

Purpose of Lucknow Festival

This festival has a very special purpose, it is an attempt to promote the culture and art of Uttar Pradesh, especially the work of reaching the whole world of Lucknow, it means that this festival is a unique endeavor of tourism of Lucknow. In addition to increasing the Lucknow Mahotsav 2019-2020, the development works of the capital will also be given due consideration.

Location of Lucknow Festival – Location of Lucknow Mahotsav 2019-2020

As its name suggests, this festival is held in Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, and this time it was sure to be organized in Smriti Upvan Park, located at a place called Bangla Bazaar Asiana, but now according to new information the festival Rama Bai Ambedkar Maidan Amar Shaheed Path will be held in Lucknow.

How to reach

Last time, the administration had made a very good arrangement to reach the  Festival. You were getting the CITY BUS of UPSRTC from many places in Lucknow, which reached you to the destination.

It was also getting settled from Charbagh. From the back of Charbagh towards platform 7, where the tempo for Bungalow Bazaar Ashiana is available, from there you can also take the tempo and reach the Smriti Upvan Park.

But this information is about the last time of the festival, but now that the place has been changed to Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan Amar Shaheed Path Lucknow, then you do not need to panic, you have to go here for the same way as I have told about the memory park.

Changes regarding the date and venue of the event of Lucknow Festival 2019-2020

On 7 November 2019, the Lucknow Mahotsav Committee has made a big change about this festival, now this festival will be held on the third week of January 2020 and now the date is also sure that the Lucknow Festival will be inaugurated from 17 January 2020. In order to maintain peace system, the Supreme Court has decided that the Lucknow administration has taken this decision.Also, it is coming to hear that this time the grand event of this festival instead of Ashiana Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan Amar Shaheed Path in Lucknow Will be done.

What is Lucknow Festival – What is Lucknow Mahotsav 2019-2020

This is a fair held every year, whose people in and around Lucknow are eagerly waiting, especially small children, the evening of this fair is very interesting and great artists come from abroad and their country Presentation

Lucknow festival activities

There is something for every section in this festival, as if looking for children, swinging in a large area is made. The entire KIDS ZONE is made in many types of swings like break dance, swing, big high swing, lots JOY RIDES, car swings are present.

There is also a special program for those who are fond of poetry and mushaira and in this, the most famous poets of the country participate.

Special arrangements are also made for music lovers. Every year, some big singer definitely comes here to tie the event, wrestling, boating, kite competition etc. are also organized in this fair. There is a separate food court for the food enthusiasts, where you can taste the variety of dishes, especially Lucknow.

Shopping at Lucknow Festival

Many shops come to this festival. Artisans and shopkeepers from far and wide participate in this fair. People from Uttar Pradesh and outside also come here to show their skills, here you will find a large amount of toy shops which you The children will surely be wooed with this, besides here comes excellent artisan shops like furniture, sofa sets, beds, dining tables etc.

Many more shops like glasses, watches, decorative items, clothes, crockery, bangles, artificial jeweler, etc. will be seen in Lucknow Mahotsav 2019-2020.

Ticket fee

The last time the ticket rate for this festival, which was held in November-December 2018, was increased a bit, now the entrance fee of the festival venue was increased from Rs 10 to Rs 20 per day and the seasonal ticket rate was increased from Rs 50 to Rs 100, Let us see what the committee charges for Lucknow Mahotsav 2019-2020, but this time there will be no problem of taking tickets because you will get tickets at some selected establishments of Lucknow and e-ticket facility will also be available.


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