Interesting food festivals in the world..!!

People all over the world are avid lovers of different varieties of food. It is obvious for people to wait for occasions when the food festival occurs in one’s place or any other country. Food Festivals provide us with many different varieties of food with each differing from the other dish. These festivals also act as a source of tourist attraction and over the years it has been seen that there has been a huge number of people turning up for these kinds of the mega event. Today we are going to discuss some of the most interesting food festivals in the world.
La Tomatina: This is one of the most famous food festivals in Spain which every individual across the World might be aware of. This tradition is almost eighty years old and still, people within the city as well as across the world do not hesitate in following the tradition in the country. This festival occurs in August in Bunol in Spain’s Valencia region. People interested in attending this food festival could probably plan their trip in such a way that they can both roam around the city and enjoy this classic event.
interesting food festivals in the world
Olney Pancake Race: This is one of the strangest food festivals that take place in Olney, London. This tradition is being followed from the past six hundred years and today it has turned into a race. In this race, the woman tends to cover four hundred meters while carrying the pancakes in the cast iron. One more place where this event occurs is the Liberal, Kansas City on the same day. Even children are seen to participate in these races. After the event people have pancakes lunch which will consist of different varieties of pancakes.
interesting food festivals in the world 1
Chinchilla Melon Festival: This extraordinary food festival uses watermelon for the events. For every event in this festival, melons are used. People attending this event are seen to participate in different activities like melon bungee, pip spitting, melon skiing, as well as melon tossing. People who attend this extraordinary food festival. This festival occurs in February in Australia. People who have plans of visiting the beautiful city of Australia during this period are advised not to miss this extraordinary food event. 
interesting food festivals in the world 2
Gilroy Garlic Festival: this is one of the famous festivals that occur in California during the late summer season. All the food items consist of garlic as the prime source of content. This occurs in Gourmet Alley, by featuring an outdoor kitchen where all the dishes are prepared over the fire. The various dishes that one can try out in this place are garlic bread, garlic fries, garlic-laced calamari and amongst the various others. In the same place, aside from the fiery kitchen flames, people could find ice creams with the major ingredient as garlic. People living in California love this food event and it turns out to be a masterpiece tourist spot during this event.
interesting food festivals in the world 3
The above-mentioned festivals are some of the most interesting food festivals that take place all over the world.


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