All the information related to Kafni Glacier Trek Route is mentioned in the article below. When we arrived in Khatia, it was cold. On the way to Kafni glacier, humans are found hereafter rigging, but that also depends on the season. No tea shop or mule was found along the way.  There was a man here who is also a caretaker and a cook. Today it has been 20 kilometers and we had to stop here, so asked him to make arrangements for food and drink.

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Three or four more people have come in a while but do not think that there were any trackers. Those people were building their hideout on the front mountain across the river because they are looking for insects, so they have to spend many days in such places. Now the work of Kidjadi is not such that in which time is fixed, today when they came down to the forest to take wood, they came to the circle on their mind. Thankfully, the man began to see something.

Pindari Route

There are two rooms in Khatia, one of which has a kitchen, storeroom, and caretaker accommodation, and the other has room for five to six people to stay. Kafni does not get many tourists while it is a more beautiful place than the Pindari route and maybe its beauty is more because there are fewer people here. It was beautiful to see the sunset in Khatia in the evening. Here the water freezes at night, so water starts coming from the pipe only when it gets sunny in the morning.

Places Around Kafni Glacier

Since we were staying there, the night went well. Early in the morning, we got ready for the Kafni glacier. In both Pindari and Kafni, it is a good thing that leaving the goods in the last padav i.e. Furakiya or Khatiya can be done easily if you leave at the right time. If you are going late then you can take your tent etc. Here, walking beyond Khatia, one does not have to walk along the river because Khatiya is at a high level, then the river is now in the valley which will be visible to us, but there is a lot of space on one side of the mountain. After walking two kilometers at the same place, there comes a fairly wide Bugyal which will be about two kilometers in length.

Greenery and birds

The greenery and birds here are worth seeing. Sunlight had started coming in the morning and the flowers blooming in Bugyal here were appealing. The green grass below and the large yellow boulders lying on the big boulders in the middle of the field and the snowy mountains above were all enchanting. I wish we had known that such a beautiful place is here, howsoever we would have stayed here by bringing tents.

The path was the only nominal for climbing, so they were moving comfortably. After crossing Bugyal a slight climb came and the glacier started appearing in front. After this, the path of about one kilometer was through Boldero and small stones because the path was already washed away.
A long patch of snow had to be crossed and since no one had gone before, we had to walk right after seeing it. The valley of Kafni Glacier had a very beautiful atmosphere as it was early morning and the weather was clear. White clouds were also spewing atop the snow-covered white hills. Such photos come in Ladakh such as were coming here.

Kafni Glacier and Pindari Glacier

The difference between Kafni Glacier and Pindari Glacier was clearly visible. We could see the Kafni from close by, even to the origin of the river Kafni. Amit Tiwari kept checking for a long time from where the stream of Kafni came out under a huge snowflake. After that, after climbing up the glacier to the stones, they came. After flowing for a kilometer, the Kafni river goes into the deep valley from where it again gets further down from Khatiya and we get it again, but in such a distance, the amount of water in the land is sky-high.

It was half-past six and we reached here at 9 o’clock. At eleven o’clock we started walking back because two hours were too short for this place. Here, one should stop by putting tents in Bugyal and after that, if you come to the glacier every day for a day, then it is fine. At one o’clock we reached back to Khatia and after eating food here, picked up the goods and went for pilgrimage.

Way to Ddhali

On the way to Ddhali, there was no problem, just Amit Tiwari thought that why not go to the banks of the river till Ddhali because what is the need to climb the mountain. They started walking along the river and after going much further, they came to know that they had to cross the river because they would have to change sides. He crossed the river as soon as he crossed the river and then climbed Debara by a wooden bridge under the lamp and came to Dadhli, which means that the longcut was long. It was past 5 in the evening and today we were again in Dadhli and had to stop here tonight because now there was no time to eat 14 kilometers.


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