Manipur, a state located in the North East, known as Switzerland of India, is very special in itself. Some of the places that are worth visiting in Manipur are, The Shaheed Minar, Purana Mahal, Museum, Govindji’s Temple, and Lake Vishnupur. The spear dance of Manipur is famous worldwide. Tourists come from far and wide to see this dance. Apart from this dance, Manipuri wrestling and fencing are also very pleasing to the tourists. If you are planning to go to Manipur then do not forget to visit these places.


When to visit Manipur

The best time to travel is from September to April. These days the weather here is very pleasant (Manipur weather). It is very cold from November to February.

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How to reach


Direct air service to Manipur is available from Delhi and other cities. If you have the right amount of money then you can avail of this service. If you wish, make a booking several days in advance so that the air service becomes cheaper.

Train To Manipur –

Imphal is the capital of Manipur. Due to the hilly terrain, there is no rail service available. From Delhi, one can reach Dimapur in Nagaland by rail. Then one can travel to Imphal by bus.

Bus to Manipur 

Manipur can be reached by bus from Nagaland and Assam.

Only women shopkeepers will meet in Ima Bazaar

The specialty of this market is that there are only women who run it. It is also known as Mother’s Market, which was built in 1533. There is a story behind the settlement of this market. Actually, the men were then sent to work in the rice fields. Then only women were left in the houses. Gradually these women established this market. It will probably be the only market in the world, where there are only women shopkeepers. Around 3500 women-run shops in this market.

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island

Sendra Island seems like a raised mountain within the middle of Loktak Lake. Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake within the North East. There are many beautiful small islands before the lake. This place is beautiful because it is an adventure. If you would like to urge involved in boating, canoeing, and other water sports activities, then definitely go here.

Kebul Lamjao National Park

Sangai is home to a rare deer with a local species. This national park is situated on the banks of the famous Loktak Lake and is a natural habitat for Sangai deer. The most unique thing about it is that it is a park floating on water.

Kangla Palace

Kangla comes from the word Meitei, which implies ‘dry land’. The Palace of Kangla also referred to as the Kangla Fort. It lies on the banks of the Imphal River. commonly and also known as Fort City. However much of it has now become ruins. It is not difficult to guess that it once had important political and religious significance. The Meitei kings, who ruled Manipur, also used the Kangla Palace as a place of residence.

Secta Archaeological Living Museum

Apart from the scenic spots, you can also enjoy a visit to the sites displaying the history here. This museum is built at a place where there was once said to be a treasure associated with the past, although no concrete evidence related to the treasure has yet been obtained from here. This museum has a large collection of unique antiques of the 14th century, which displays the tribal history and folk culture very well.

Manipur State Museum

The Manipur State Museum cannot be called just a museum as it hosts periodic cultural events that showcase the culture of the state. This museum was inaugurated by Late Indira Gandhi, the late former Prime Minister of India in 1969. The role of this museum is socially conscious to make people socially aware.

Shri Govind Ji Temple

This temple of Lord Krishna, built in a very special way, is unique in itself. Every year people come from different corners of the world to this temple. If you go to the Govindji temple, you should definitely receive food offerings after 11 am. The evening aarti and the famous Manipuri Raas are also worth seeing here.


One of the key sightseeing places of Manipur is that the city of Tamenglong which is extremely famous for the cultivation of oranges. Tamenglong is a very beautiful place and there are beautiful hilly areas as well as beautiful waterfalls. Tourists visiting Tamenglong get a chance to get information about many species of flora and species of unique creatures. Tamenglong also has a birdhouse for animals which attracts tourists further.

Senapati District

One of the main places to visit in Manipur State is the Senapati district. The area is surrounded by 80 percent of forests. Senapati is a rural area where tourists get information related to the village. Senapati’s people make the travel even more pleasant for every tourist. You may always remember those moments after spending time with the people here.


Khongjom is one of the simplest places in Manipur. This place is extremely good for tourists curious about the history of India. In Khongjom, there is a huge memorial in memory of Veer Bahadur Martyrs, who are very fond of tourists. Let us tell you, the fighters are paid homage here.


It is one of the philosophical sites of Manipur. Thoubal is a place where picnics are truly enjoyed by everyone. Tourists can enjoy trekking in Thoubal and along with it, there is a long trek, which has its own fun. Tourists find this place very attractive and charming.


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