Mathura is worshiped before and even today as Braj Bhoomi or ‘Earth of infinite love’. According to mythological stories, Lord Krishna spent his childhood and youth days here. His Raas Leela with the Gopis is carved into the minds of Hindus and is immortal in the form of temples, hymns, art, and paintings. Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna is an important pilgrimage center for Hindu devotees with several temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha.

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, Mathura is considered to be like Indian culture and civilization. India is considered a spiritual place and many people turn to ashrams and temples in search of peace and enlightenment. Mathura is considered sacred by Hindus, Buddhists, and the Jain community.


Vrindavan is Krishna’s Lilasthali. We can see the glory of Vrindavan is described in Harivansh Purana, Srimad Bhagavat, Vishnu Purana, etc. Kalidasa also mentioned it in the context of Indumati-Swayamvara in Raghuvansh while introducing Shursenadhipati Sushen. This gives a sense of the state of the beautiful gardens of Vrindavan during the time of Kalidas. According to Srimad Bhagwat, to avoid the tyranny of Kansa from Gokul, Nand Ji came to Vrindavan residence along with the kutumbis and convicts. This incident is mentioned in Vishnu Purana. There is also a description of Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan elsewhere in the Vishnu Purana.

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Ancient Vrindavan

Some peoples say that the present Vrindavan is not real or ancient Vrindavan. From the description and other references of Srimad Bhagavat, it is known that ancient Vrindavan was near Govardhan. The site of the famous legend of Govardhan-Dharan was near Vrindavan Parsauli (Param Rasasthali). Ashta Chhap poet Surdas lived in this village for a long time.

Vrindavan: Heart of Braj

Mathura birthplace of Lord Krishna

Whenever he heard the name of Vrindavan comes, our mind gets pulsed. The pleasing statue of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna comes in front of the eyes. It is only by the imagination of their divine supernatural pastimes that the mind turns to devotion and devotion. Vrindavan is also called the heart of Braj where Radha-Krishna has performed their divine pastures. This holy land has been called the best part of the earth. In the Padma Purana, it has been described as the body of God, the place of contact with the full Brahman, and the shelter of happiness. For this reason, it has remained the center of reverence of devotees since time immemorial. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Swami Haridas, Hitaharivamsa, Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, etc. Many of the Goswami devotees had spent their whole life in decorating its splendor and presenting the world as immortal property. Here a wonderful couple of Krishna, Shri Krishna, and Radha’s amazing daily Viha Leela continues.

Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple or the birthplace of Krishna is the most sacred temple here. In fact, every attraction of Mathura is associated with Lord Krishna in some way. Let our know-how, in one day, special places of Mathura-Vrindavan can be seen –

Have breakfast

You can start your Mathura Trip with a native breakfast. You can eat jalebi-curd, kachori, crispy-kachori, etc. at breakfast here. After having breakfast, Shri Krishna can go to visit Janmabhoomi.

Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi

The famous Krishna Janmabhoomi temple or Krishna Janmabhoomi is considered sacred land for the worship of Hindus. There is a prison-like structure inside the temple and it is also believed that God Shree Krishna was born here. It is said that this temple was built by Raja Veer Singh Bundela of Orchha in the Shashan of Jahangir.

Mathura to Vrindavan

Visiting the Shri Krishna Temple, you can head towards Vrindavan. Shri Krishna can reach Vrindavan from their Janmabhoomi by spending just Rs. 15. Apart from this, you can also book a cab or go through a bike or your own car.

Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is a temple dedicated to the Hindu devotees. The temple was built by Swami Haridas, the guru of the ancient singer Tansen. Banke Bihari temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and has the finest Rajasthani style carvings. Banke literally means – folded from three places and Bihari means – the best consumer. The temple remains closed from 12:30 am to 4 pm. So, from here you can turn to Nidhivan.


According to mythological stories, it has existed since the time of Lord Krishna. It is believed that here Lord Krishna performed Raslila with Radha and other Gopis. Phulwari itself has a small carved temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. There are many monkeys around this temple, so while visiting this temple, protect your belongings yourself. You can also feed grams and banana to the monkeys.

Yamuna River

After visiting Vrindavan, in the evening you can enjoy boating in the Yamuna River. Aarti is also done in the morning and evening which refreshes our soul and mind.

Iskcon Temple

The Iskcon temple was built in 1975 and is also known as Sri Krishna Balarama Temple. Believed that the Iskcon temple was built at the exact same place where Lord Krishna used to play with the other children’s, 5000 years ago. There are also so many beautiful paintings in the temple, which shows the teachings of Lord Krishna. It is slightly different from other temples. Because people do not come here only to worship, but they come here and do meditation and recite the holy Shrimad Bhagwat Gita.

When to come


Mathura is the district of Uttar Pradesh, it is very hot during summer. The weather here is excellent and rotating during winter. Tourists can visit here from September to October.

How to come

The nearest railway station is Mathura Junction. Travelers can travel to Mathura / Vrindavan by bus or cab from here. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi which is about 200 km from this city. It will take around 4 hours to reach here from the airport including traffic. Maintenance – In Vrindavan, most places/temples are closed from 12 noon to 4 pm (IST). So, plan your trip before or after.


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