Monte San Giorgio

Monte San Giorgio is situated in the Southern Alps, in Canton Ticino (Switzerland) and districts of Monte Ravello and Monte Orsa in the Province of Varese (Italy). It is encompassed toward the north by Lake Lugano and either side by its two southern branches. The mountain achieves the greatest stature of 1097 meters on A swiss area.

Monte San Giorgio is considered as a part of the world’s most imperative stores of marine fossils of Middle Triassic age (247– 235 million years back). Not at all like different acclaimed stores – which for the most part speak to an interesting fossiliferous level credited to an exact period in land history – Monte San Giorgio appears somewhere around five changed levels, every one of which can contain in excess of one fossil affiliation. This angle permits the transformative investigation of particular gatherings of life forms doled out to a similar situation over an interim of a few million years.

From these five levels in excess of 20,000 fossils have so far been gathered. In general, around 25 types of reptile, 50 types of fish and more than 100 types of spineless creatures have been recorded notwithstanding different types of plant, most outstandingly conifers.

Monte San Giorgio

Welcome to the Monte San Giorgio.

Come and visit these spots, the nearby region and also the Fossil Museum, they will enable you to find a captivating lost world dating more than 200 millions years prior.

Monte San Giorgio is a standout amongst the most vital fossil store on the planet, for the Middle Triassic, a land period which occurred somewhere in the range of 247 and 237 a large number of years back. The fossils originating from this mountain are known for their assortment and their outstanding great preservation, they have been exhumed and examined by Swiss and Italian scientists from 1850.

The universal acknowledgment of this traditional fossil area was fortified by its engraving to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 for the Swiss side and in 2010 for the Italian domain.

This mountain has a genuinely rich inward life: rising just shy of 1100 meters in stature, the Monte San Giorgio in the bright south of Ticino has been a Mecca for fossil researchers since the nineteenth century, and a Unesco World Heritage site since 2003. A huge number of fossilized fish and marine saurians of up to six meters long have just been uncovered here by energetic scientists. Also, all things considered: 230 to 245 million years back, this was the site of a 100-meter-profound sea bowl. Today, at the southern end of Lake Lugano, the Monte San Giorgio rises like a pyramid – inside, loaded up with all way of fossils. One can walk around the vineyards along the southern inclines of the woody mountain, walk through the untainted town of Meride, or enable oneself to be spoiled in the caverns of the Mendrisiotto district.

Additionally, the researchers have likewise discovered several fossilized invertebrate creatures and plants from the center Triassic time frame, 230 to 245 million years back.

Rebuilt and extended by the Ticinese engineer Mario Botta, the Fossil Museum in Meride displays a choice of fossilized creatures and plants from the extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio.


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