Before knowing Panch Prayag, it should be known that what is the meaning of the word Prayag. The meaning of the word Prayag means the confluence of rivers. The place where two or more rivers meet is the biggest example of this. Prayagraj is the Triveni Sangam of Allahabad in the east because here the Ganges Yamuna and Adrasya Saraswati are the confluence of these three rivers, hence this place is called Prayag.

Now let’s talk about Panch Prayag

here Panch means five to five Panch Prayag refers to the state of Uttarakhand. There are five places in Uttarakhand where the confluence of rivers, then those five places are named Panch Prayag. These Panch Prayag is considered a very religious place in Hinduism, by bathing here and performing charity, a person gets immense benefits.

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When you proceed on the road traveling from Haridwar or Rishikesh to Badrinath, before reaching Badrinath you will face these five Prayag because Panch Prayag is situated on the Badrinath Yatra route. Now understand Panch Prayag even better. See the holy rivers of Uttarakhand are Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Mandarina, Pinder, Nandakini and Vishunganga or Dhauliganga and the Alaknanda river rises and rises from Badrinath and the rest of the rivers go one by one. It joins and the place where the river meets is called Prayag.

Let us know these holy Panch Prayag of Uttarakhand one by one –


Devprayag is the first Prayag of Panch Prayag. This place falls under the Tehri Garhwali district of Uttarakhand state. It is a very holy pilgrimage because at this place there is a confluence of the Bhagirathi river from Gangotri and Alaknanda coming from Badrinath Dham and from Devprayag itself. This river flows across India in the name of Ganga.

How to reach Devprayag

It is very easy to reach Devprayag. First of all you go to Haridwar or Rishikesh Bahuchan, then you will get bus or taxi from both these places. You can also go by your own means, if you talk about the distance then the distance from Rishikesh to Devprayag is about 74 kilometers.

Tourist places of Devprayag

You first see the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda at this holy place of Panch Prayag, after which the biggest attraction here is the Raghunath temple, although Devprayag is a very beautiful natural site, but apart from this, you must also see Chandrabdani Temple and Dada Nagraj Temple Now if you have time after seeing this, you can also see Brahma Kunda, Surya Kunda, Vasishta Kunda etc.

When you should go Devprayag

By the way, you can go here at any time of the year, but there is no problem, but even then, if I do not believe in rain then it is better.


Let’s go towards the second Panch Prayag named Rudraprayag and at this holy place there is a confluence of Mandakini river coming from Kedarnath Dham and Alaknanda river coming from Badrinath. This place is said to be composed by Narada Muni. Lord Shiva appeared here in Rudra form and was happy to learn that he had done penance here and taught Narada Muni to play the veena.

How to reach Rudraprayag

Rudraprayag district is easy to reach, it is connected by road and its distance from Rishikesh is about 141 kilometers, it is 160 kilometers from Haridwar and you have to first come to Haridwar and then from Haridwar to Rishikesh Badrinath.

The distance from Devprayag to Rudraprayag is about 67 km.

Tourist places of Rudraprayag

One of the Panch Prayag attracts more than one tourist destination in Rudraprayag. The center of attraction here is the Koteshwar temple which is just 3 kilometers from Rudraprayag Sangam, this is the temple of Lord Shiva. The cave is in form and is built on the banks of the holy Alaknanda, apart from this you can also visit Agastamuni, and the famous Rudranath temple here is at the confluence of the Alaknanda River and Mandakini River.

When should Rudraprayag

The best time to visit Rudraprayag is from October to April.


Karnprayag is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and is also a Panch Prayag, Karnprayag is a confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Pinder (also known as Karnaganga), this place is named after Veer Karna of Mahabharata, this third Panch Prayag Is

How to reach Karnprayag

Karnprayag is also well connected by road. You can reach here very easily from Rishikesh – Haridwar. The distance from Rishikesh to Karnprayag is about 173 kilometers. You will get a bus from Haridwar and you can come by your own means.

The distance between Rudraprayag to Karnaprayag is 33 kilometers.

Tourist places of Karnprayag

The main attraction of Karnprayag is Uma temple and Karna temple, besides Pinder and Alaknanda Sangam are also worth seeing, besides Adi Badri temple, 20 kilometers from Karnprayag and Nauti village, 24 kilometers away is also a good place.

Panch Prayag

When to go to Karnprayag

Avoid in the rain, no matter where you go, and if you are afraid of bathing in the cold, do not go in the cold because it is necessary to take a bath in the confluence.


This fourth Panch Prayag is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state and is an important religious place where the Nandakini river merges into the Alaknanda river and this confluence site Nandprayag is a Panch Prayag, according to the mythological legend that Lord Krishna’s father, Nand, had his son In order to attain, a Mahayagya was done, according to another story, Nandprayag is also associated with Dushyant and Shakuntala.

How to reach Nandprayag

The distance of Nandprayag from Rishikesh is about 193 km and it is just 20 km from Karnprayag, so whenever you come to Karnprayag, it should also be Nandprayag.

Tourist places in Nandprayag

The main tourist place in Nandprayag is the grand temple of Shiva, the Gopal ji temple, Chandika temple etc. built at the confluence, the rest is the confluence of Nandakini and Alaknanda.


The fifth Panch Prayag, which is known as Vishnu Prayag, comes under the Chamoli district, where there is a confluence of the Alaknanda and Vishnunganga River. This Vishnunganga river is also called Dhauliganga, if the legend is talked about here Narada Muni had done penance to Lord Vishnu and Shri Hari had also appeared to Narada Muni.

How to reach Vishnuprayag

The distance of Vishnuprayag from Rishikesh is about 270 kilometers and only 70 kilometers from Nandprayag, from here Badrinath is also nearby. You will get the means from Rishikesh to come here.

Tourist places of Vishnuprayag

Vishnuprayag is a very beautiful place of Panch Prayag. The main attraction here is the temple of Lord Vishnu, which was built by Queen Ahilyabai ji. Apart from this, Badrinath Dham is one of the four dhams at a distance of 38 km from here; It is difficult because the speed of rivers is high.

Panch Prayag Map

Let us know as much as we have done of Panch Prayag Panch Prayag. Let me share with you the beginning. A divine river which originates from Badrinath from Badrinath Dham of Chamoli district, which we speak as Alaknanda, later gets the Dhauliganga River and this union The place is called Vishnuprayag. Now on going further, another holy river Nandakini comes and joins Alaknanda and this confluence is called Nandprayag.

Now further Pindar river coming from Pindar glacier also joins Alaknanda and this confluence is called Karnprayag, then further Mandakini river which is coming from Kedarnath Dham and shape is found in this Alaknanda and this confluence is called Rudraprayag. After this, a little later, after passing out of Gangotri, the Bhagirathi river joins this Alaknanda and this confluence is called Devprayag. From here onwards this river is known as Ganga. Below I have tried to make a map of Panch Prayag.


So these were Panch Prayag, which is very important in Hinduism, bathing here is considered very auspicious, apart from this Panch Prayag is very special from the point of view of tourism because here you can enjoy the natural beauty and also the opportunities for spirituality here. Apart from this, this Panch Prayag is also important for the enthusiasts of adventure.


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