Perfect Go-to Smoothies for Hot Days

There are days during summers that could be tiresome. People always like to know ways to curb that tiredness during summers. One of the most convenient and simplest methods to fight the summer is to have healthy smoothies that can be made at one’s home with much ease. Below are some of the perfect go-to smoothies for the hot days

Banana Smoothie: This is the simplest one of the lot. It requires one banana, half cup of milk, 1 teaspoon of honey along with five to eight ice cubes. Slice off the banana and then blend it using a blender. For a smoothie to be thicker, prefer using a frozen banana. Once this process is done, add a half cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Blend it again until it becomes smoother as well as thicker. The frozen bananas result’s in a thicker smoothie. 

perfect go to smoothies for hot days

Watermelon Smoothie: The season itself of watermelon is in summer and it is one of the perfect ingredients to consider beating off the summer. To make this recipe, the ingredients that are required are frozen watermelon crunches, a teaspoon of honey along with a half cup of milk. Adding half a cup of milk makes the smoothie thicker as well as creamier. First blend the frozen watermelon chunks along with an addition of one teaspoon of honey. For the second round, add a half glass of milk and blend it once more. This will let all the chunks to be evenly ground as well as will make the smoothie much creamier. People could even garnish with blueberries on top of the smoothie to make it look special. 

perfect go to smoothies for hot days 1

Smoothie with grapes: One might think how can someone make a smoothie with grapes. Everybody knows that grape is a rich source of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Blend the frozen grapes with a half cup of milk together. Along with this people can add two scoops of protein powder (generally the flavor being vanilla). This not only makes the smoothie rich in vitamins but also proteins. Thus, this is one of the best smoothies that can be made easily and be a perfect smoothie for the summer. 

perfect go to smoothies for hot days 2

Mango Smoothie: When it comes to summer, how can someone forget about this special mango smoothie. Not only it is healthier but also quite simple to make. The main ingredients that one requires for making this exquisite smoothie are 1 cup of coconut water, frozen mango pieces, a cup of yogurt as well as 4 to 5 cubes of ice. Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend it well until everything gets blended smoothly along with each other. Along with this smoothie, one can even cut pieces of other varieties of fruits which will completely make the meal a healthier one

perfect go to smoothies for hot days 3
The above-mentioned smoothies are some of the finest ones which everybody can have during the summers. The best part is that these are quite easier to prepare which makes it a perfect go-to smoothie during the summers.


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