Places to visit in France

Have you ever thought of visiting France? Well, you might be having several doubts in that regard. The place is quite famous for its pre-historic castlesclassic cathedrals as well as beautiful villages. With its contemporary view, I must say that the country on the all-time visiting list must be one amongst the many.

The Culture and the cuisine served in the Country is way different from how it happens across all other places. Below are some of the places that are must ones to visit during your stay in France.

Versailles PalaceChateau De Versailles: The palace is said to constructed way back in the year 1682. For a King, the prime necessity is the place of his stay. The palace with apartments with a royal look, huge gardens, the furnishing works, astonishing bedrooms does make it something that is appropriate for a King. People say that Louis XV took the right decision to move the Court of Versailles to this palace. The way that the architectural designs came together is quite brilliant and I am sure that visiting this place first in France will be the right start for your trip.

places to visit in france
Varsailles Palace

Mont Saint Michel: The place located on the border of Brittany and Normandy, was listed as one of the finest architectures of the 18th Century and UNESCO had awarded it with the accolade of listing it in the World Heritage Site. To be frank, even today it has not lost its aura even the slightest of the bit. It symbolizes the struggle and the valor of the French Soldiers who resisted the English attacks during both World War I and World War II.  During the 11th century, King Luis XI converted this classic structure into a prison but today, it is one of the prime attractions in the Country.

places to visit in france 1
Mont Saint Michel

Aquarium de Lyon: An amazing way of exploring what lies beneath the seas and the beauty that they exhibit. The place also lets you listen to the audio guide which fully narrates the journey. The same can also be downloaded through the mobile platform as well. Here, people get an opportunity to see various varieties of aquatic animals ranging from fishes, sharks, stingrays and various others.  Children, as well as adults, are sure to enjoy their time during the aquarium visit.

places to visit in france 2
Aquarium de Lyon

Catacombs of Paris: it is the place where one can find the cemetery of several innocents buried alive. The manmade catacomb was opened to the visitors and the first person to complete the entire 130 steps alone was Future Charles X, in the year 1787. Slowly, the place created curiosity amongst the travelers and even today people visit the place with complete enthusiasm. At times, Catacombs do conduct special exhibitions for the visitors. If you do not feel awkward seeing the humane skulls, then this place is a must one to visit for you.

places to visit in france 3
Catacombs of Paris

Eiffel Tower: If you are in France, the Eiffel Tower is something that must be on the top of your itinerary list.  Built in the year 1889, it is one of the most prestigious spots in France. At the top people have the luxury to visit the Universal Exhibition Sculptures as well as an opportunity to have a 360-degree view of the Complete City of Paris. The tower shops and the restaurants are places that one must visit just to get the experience of the place. In the evening, sitting alongside the gardens with the glittering view of the Eiffel Tower will surely create memories for a lifetime.

Parc Mirabel Jonage: At times all you need is a break from the urban life. Parc Mirabel has just the right amount of ingredients to qualify amongst it. Surrounded by beautiful treesbicycle trailsbeachesrestaurants as well as a place for perfect campingRhone river flows along the trials of this park which completes the crust of all ecological needs that a place like this requires. You can also get indulged with fishing or other aquatic activities as well as get acquainted with the riding of horses as well.

places to visit in france 4
Eiffel Tower

Wine in France: Most of the individuals like having wine occasionally. Are you one amongst them? Well, then in France, through the French Wine Explorers company, you can get an opportunity to know the best Wine regions of the country. The professional tour company makes sure to provide you with one of the luxurious wine tours that you would have imagined. Established in early 2000, the company provides tours to the travelers from Bordeaux to Burgundy wine regions and ending it with champagne. These professionals will make sure to provide you with the experience of French wines, its related history, and culture. They will indigenously select the best restaurants, chateaus, hotels that are known to serve classic wines which will ultimately result in one of the best moments of your life.

places to visit in france 5
Wine in France

Gallo Roman Civilization Museum: A place where the French history is known to unfold. During the early 44 B.C., it was Romans who ruled the modern-day city Lyon. The city Lyon was known as Lugdunum during that period. It was crowned as the capital of the country and Romans were known to rule the country for around five centuries. Today, in this museum you can find the artifactssculpturesscriptsmonuments which literally describes the historical period of Romans in a beautiful manner. People who are interested in knowing the history of the past will surely find this place astonishing.

places to visit in france 6
Gallo Roman Civilization Museum

Other places to visit in France are Arc de Triompheancient theatre of FourviereChateau de ChenonceauFourviereLes InvalidesMusee de BeauxMusee d’OrsayNotre-Dame de Paris, and Planetarium de Vaulx en Velin. One must say, it is a bliss to visit such a country rightly for a vacation.


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