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Haldwani located in Uttarakhand is a popular city in the state, which is known for its Kumaoni culture, hill attractions and its business activities. Haldwani comes under the Nainital district of Kumaon. Since it is situated in the foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas, it is also known as the gateway to Kumaon. This place is considered very special for tourism, where you can spend a wonderful holiday with your family or friends. The serene environment, river, valley and hill valleys here attract a lot of tourists. The history of this city suggests that it was once part of the Kumaon Empire. It is believed that the Mughals also tried hard to assert their authority over this region, but they could not succeed. With its vast past, Haldwani is today counted among the few special tourist destinations of the state, know through this article that this hill station along with its various tourist destinations can delight you in some way. In this article, you will find a list of places to visit in Haldwani.


The city of Haldwani itself has a huge history. Haldwani city was established in 1834. At that time Haldwani was known as “Pahar ka Bazaar”. Then Haldu trees were found here in large numbers, due to which the place was named ‘Haldwani’. Which is also known by the local language name “Haldwani”. Mughal historians state that in the 14th century, a local ruler, Gyan Chand of the Chand dynasty, visited the Delhi Sultanate and obtained the territories of the Bhabha-Tarai up to the Ganges, granted by the Sultan. Later, the Mughals tried to capture the hills, but they could not succeed in this task due to the hard hilly land of the region. (History of Haldwani)

And it is said that ever since King Rupchand ruled here in 1816, people used to come here from cold places to spend the wintertime. In 1815, when the Gorkhas ruled here, the British drove the Gorkhas from here under the leadership of British Commissioner Gardner. After Gardner, when George William Trail came here as commissioner, he started to settle this Haldwani town. The Trail first built a bungalow for itself here, which is still called “Kham ka Bangla”. In 1882, Ramje built a road from Nainital to Kathgodam for the first time. On April 24, 1884, the first train arrived in Kathgodam, which came from Lucknow to Kathgodam.
In 1901, with a population of 6624, Haldwani was the headquarters of the Bhabhar region of Nainital district of the “United Nations”, and it also became the officials of the Kumaon division and the winter headquarters of the Nainital district. Arya Samaj Bhavan was constructed in 1901 and Sanatan Dharma Sabha in 1902. The Tehsil office was built and opened in 1899. After then it became the Tehsil Headquarters for Bhabhar. It is one of the four parts of the National District and consisted of 4 towns and 511 villages, with a total population of 93,445 (1901) spread over 1,297 square meters. . However before the formation of Nainital district in 1891, it was part of the Kumaon district, later called Almora district. In 1904, it was included as ‘Notified Area’ and in 1907 Haldwani was given the status of the city area. Haldwani-Kathgodam Municipal Council was established on September 21, 1942. Presently “Haldwani” is the second-largest city council of Uttarakhand after Haridwar.

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  • Kathgodam
  • Jeolikot
  • Gaula Dam
  • Sheetla Devi Temple
  • Hidimba Mountains


In Kumaoni, Kathgodam is called Lakkad Ghar. For many tourists, Kathgodam will be just a railway station to go to other places, but apart from this the place has its own interesting history. There are many places to visit here, where you can go. From Delhi, Kolkata, Jammu and Kashmir, you will easily get train services to this place. This place provides tourists with a simple route to reach the Kumaon Himalayas. With its spectacular mountainous surroundings, and the beauty of the Himalayas, it welcomes all tourists. You can start seeing the beauty of Haldwani from here.

Location: Haldwani, Uttarakhand
Distance from Haldwani:
 8 km
Entry fee: INR 5 for station ticket


You can reach Jeolikot Hill Station, 23 km from Haldwani, it is a spectacular tourist destination in the district of Nainital, where tourists come from far away to enjoy the hill beauty and the breathtaking climate. . From a nature lover to a lover of adventure, this place matters a lot. This place offers immense spiritual and mental peace, local people believe that Swami Vivekananda meditated here, impressed by the peace of this place. You will find many cottages to stay here. You can come here for a great experience.

Location: Jeolikote, Uttarakhand 263127
Distance from Haldwani: 23 km

Gaula Dam

In Haldwani’s series of tourist attractions, you can plan a trip to Gola Dam. This dam is built on the river Gola, which originates in the Himalayas and joins the Ramganga. The river also passes through Kathgodam, which has many spectacular natural attractions along its banks. The dam built on this river attracts a large number of tourists. Due to its beauty, this place has become a picnic spart, where people come for weekends to spend fun and relaxation. This dam is very popular among locals as well as tourists from far and wide. You can come here for a different experience.

Location: Gaula Dam, Kathgodam, Uttarakhand 263126
Distance from Haldwani: 8 km

Sheetla Devi Temple

To connect your journey with righteousness, you can get the privilege of visiting the Shitala Devi temple. It is counted in the nearby religious places of Haldwani, where devotees from far and wide arrive for darshan. The temple of Sheetla Mata is present on a small hill, where the devotees have to climb some distance to reach it. Local people have deep faith in Mata Sheetla. You can come here for a spiritual experience.

Location: National Highway 87, Fatehpur Range, Uttarakhand 263126
Distance from Haldwani: 9km

Hidimba Mountains

Apart from the above-mentioned sites you can plan a trip to Hidimba mountain. There is a temple of Hidimba, Bhima’s wife, about 5 km from Bhimtal, from where you can enjoy the beauty of the hill. This place is considered very special for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, you can plan here with your friends. These were some of the special places you can visit during Haldwani tour.

Distance from Haldwani: 20 km


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