Places to visit in Norway

The entire country of Norway is encompassed with glaciers, mountains, coastal fjords. It is one amongst the other Scandinavian countries. People might think about it as a place where it goes to extreme temperatures during the winters and the season during the summer has a temperature of around only 20 degree Celsius. Well, if you are someone who thinks the same way, I should say that you need to change that perspective, my friend. Below are some of the most exotic places that you can visit only when you are in Norway. 

Mount Floyen: The entire mountain stretch is around 399 meters from which one can view the city of Bergen perfectly. People visiting for the first time can take a train that travels the entire stretch with an approximate time of travel being 8 minutes. The travel lets you explore the magnificent views of its city Bergen along with its fjords. The Floyen Folk restaurant is another place that people are attracted to which is predominantly due to the way that the servings are carried out. If you are someone who is visiting Norway for the first time, and at this restaurant, I am pretty sure that you will love the place.

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Oslo Cathedral: As per the history, the structure is known to be built in its original form in the early 11th century. It is the first Church established in entire Norway and the style of its resemblance is that of a Baroque. Over the years, the Church is known for experiencing all kind of activities of the royal family in the country and today we can see it when visiting the place. Ornate Pulpit, the large organ, as well as colorful murals are something that one can watch out for while at Cathedral Church.

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The Atlantic Road: It is famously known as the Atlanterhavsveien bridge. A beautiful bridge that leads to Averoya Islands through Norway. With waters as well as small islands across both sides of the bridge, people who love driving will for sure have it in their bucket list. In the Averoya Islands, is a 600 years old Kvernes Stave Church.

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Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Norway: Stryn is the location on the map to visit the Briksdalsbreen glacier. Its beauty mesmerizes a lot of tourists every year. For nature lovers who like hiking it is, in fact, an awesome and a must place to visit. The entire hike takes around 45 to 60 minutes. There are other Glaciers as well across Norway and Briksdalsbreen is one amongst them. Troll car is available through which the visitors can reach to the top of the glacier and be mesmerized with its immense amount of beauty.

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Polar Bears and Puffins: Who does not love to have a look at wildlife for real. For most of us, it has been through various mediums that provided a glimpse of these amazing creatures. Runde Island is the place where one can find Puffins sailing in the sea fishing its prey. Spitsbergen Island in Svalbard, Longyearbyen is the place where one can find the Polar Bears for real. The artic view and the scenic beauty is enough for a tourist to visit the place.

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