Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, tourists traveling to Thailand enjoy beautiful beaches, rich forests and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

One of the most outstanding landmarks in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the Grand Palace. Founded in 1782, the palace was the residence of the royal family of Thailand until the death of Rama VIII in 1962. Today, it has become one of the major attractions included in many travel packages to Thailand.

The Grand Palace complex in Bangkok distinguishes the traditional Thai style of art and architecture with some western outlines. The palace also houses one of the oldest and most popular Buddha statues around the world. The Palace welcomes hundreds of travelers who spend their holidays in Thailand.

For those who enjoy nature and beauty, Thailand offers you Similan Islands. Located in the western part of the Andaman Sea, this archipelago consists of 9 tropical islands, characterized by beautiful white sandy beaches. This is in addition to the many diverse diving destinations that attract large numbers of divers to spend holidays in Thailand.

Buyers will also be happy to visit Thailand. There are several prominent markets and markets in the country. There is, for example, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, which is one of the main attractions of the North Island. It consists of many corridors, small shops and booths selling handicrafts, various arts, clothing and apparel, and many other goods and products.

Since Thailand is distinguished by its beautiful beaches, there are quite a number of beaches in the country that can accommodate the huge number of tourists traveling to Thailand. Here is the famous Raleigh Beach, this popular peninsula that is inaccessible except for boats through the limestone cliffs that surround it from all sides. It is one of the most recommended beaches for travelers in Thailand.

There is also a magnificent Phang Nga Bay. Located about 90 kilometers from Phuket, this cove is known for providing some of the most spectacular scenes in the world with many beautiful caves, sea caves, limestone islands and more. Travelers who tour of thailand they usually visit Phang Nga Bay using traditional rowing boats as this is the only way to go inside the various caves and explore other sights.

Thailand’s famous landmark is also Ko-Tao Island, or Turtle Island. This small island, located off the eastern beaches of the Gulf of Thailand, is one of the most popular places in the world to learn diving and enjoy swimming. This is because to swim around the colorful amazing coral reefs, sea turtles and many small beautiful fish is quite easy and enjoyable. Many travelers visiting Thailand include visits to Koh Tao Island in their travel packages.

There are many more landmarks and activities in the country that attract a large number of travelers for travel in Thailand. We just shed some light on some of our most popular landmarks. Thailand always makes for a great holiday for travelers of all ages.


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