The adventurous trip to Ai Petri

Crimean Mountains, located in YaltaUkraine is the place where one can find this amazing Ai Petri. People often visit this place to embrace an enthralling adventure of their life. Ai Petri is amongst the top places to be visited in Koreiz. It is one of the windiest peaks across the world. The main attraction of the place is the presence of the suspension bridge. People might need a Russian visa to visit the place.
the adventurous trip to ai petri
Cable bridge, Ai Petri
A small group of people who are termed as the Tartar group is settled over the top of the peaks of Ai Petri. These guys provide the visitors with many activities like horse riding, Camel riding, a walk through the forest and much more. The suspension bridge is built across a canyon which is roughly around 1300 meters steep. A walk over the rope bridge is something that is a must during the visit at the Ai Petri peak.
the adventurous trip to ai petri 1
Breathtaking view of Ai Petri
Like all the places, you need to buy a ticket standing in a queue that might be quite long during the weekends. The administrators are quite quick in providing the tickets during the peak season. In order to reach the top of the Ai Petri peak, one can opt the Cable car ride option. The ride comprises of a total of 15 minutes and the views across becomes more enthralling and amazing. One can click astonishing pictures during the cable car trip to the top of the peak. One can view the coastlines as well as the peaks from the top of the peak. Well, it is one of the places that is not known to many around the world.
the adventurous trip to ai petri 2
Cable car ride, Ai Petri
There is no particular time frame for each and every place. People can take their own time, viewing the place, enjoying the breathtaking views from the top of the peak of the Ai Petri. The place has restaurants as well where one can have awesome local delicacies along with a glass of wine. The price rates are quite low which makes Ai Petri more eligible to be one of the top places to be visited in anybody’s bucket list.


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