The most beautiful beaches in the World

Traveling to a place is the best way to feel relaxed and enjoy the blissful moments. When a person expects such an experience, then what is better than beaches. Beaches are meant to be the best place to converse with your soul as well as be free from all disharmonies that have been going on in one’s life. Today, we are going to see some of the best beaches that one must consider visiting at least once in their lifetime
Dreamland Beach, Bali: Bali is one of the prime destinations for newly married couples. This beach was discovered around the late 1970s and has grown its popularity over the years with time. Today, one can find some of the resorts that are quite new as well as the ones that have been present from the beginning. People visiting this place can spend their time roaming around this beach which has rocky surrounding as well as some spectacular varieties of wraps and smoothies.
the most beautiful beaches in the world
Bathsheba Beach: If a person likes ruggedness as well as crystal clear sea view, then it would be unfair not to consider this place in the first place. Located in Barbados, Eastern Caribbean Island the beach is surrounded by pure white sand with lots of coconut trees which makes it look the most natural beaches one can ever dream off. The scenic beauty with a fair bit of mixture of greenery, white sand, and blue sea, this place is apt for complete enjoyment.
the most beautiful beaches in the world 1
Horseshoe Bay: One can consider this place as a surprise package that is suitable for people of all ages especially the children. The beach is located in Bermuda, a British island territory in the Atlantic Ocean. This place consists of shallow water which is apt for children along with the smooth as well as the soft pink sand which complements the place effectively. With a pleasant atmosphere as well as surroundings, this can be considered as one of the prime spots for travelers.
the most beautiful beaches in the world 2
Blue beaches: One of the best beaches in the world that anyone could find. With small coral pieces at the beginning followed by clean sands and to complement both, water in different shades of blue makes it the perfect one amongst the many. This beach is the prime tourist destination for people visiting Puerto Rico. The place is very well complemented with the beautiful resort as well as famous Caribbean special dishes.
the most beautiful beaches in the world 3
Radhanagar beach: How one cannot include this in their go-to list amongst the various other beaches. This beach is in one of the many islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Havelock island. The beach ranks as Asia’s best and the view from the pictures itself makes it quite apt. People can find beautiful resorts as well as one of the finest seafood on the island. Along with all this, people could also experience exotic sea adventurous at rates that one might not even have imagined as possible. The beach turns out to be perfect for both families as well as couple travelers
These are some of the best beaches in the world that one must consider visiting at least once in their lifetime.


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