The most unique bridges in the World..!!

Throughout the years, it has been seen that individuals regularly lean toward picking either building or solution as their subjects. Today we see a lot of changes which still needs to enhance in specific parts of the world. Another field in which individuals can consider for settling on would be in the field of engineering. From time long past circumstances, there has been a considerable measure of headways in this field and one can discover a portion of the best compositional marvels around the field. One area under the building field is the development of scaffolds. There are a few scaffolds that are thought to be very well known. The principle viewpoint for these extraordinary to be well known is the way that it has been developed. Below are some of the unique bridges that enthrall individuals even today.
Rakotz Bridge: It is one of the most famous bridges in Germany. The bridge is also known as the devil’s bridge. The source of material utilized to construct this unique bridge is solely basalt stones. The structure of the bridge is constructed solely using basalt stones. To preserve the brilliant architecture, it is available only to view the megastructure. The bridge is built across a river in such a way that its reflection creates a perfect circle that magnifies its beauty. 
the most unique bridges in the world
Living root bridges: Nothing is better than natural wonders. The roots of the trees together form the bridge. It is in a small village based out in Cherapunji, in India. These living bridges utilize the roots of the native Ficus Elastica tree. These roots are trained to grow in a certain way which ultimately forms these living bridges. People visiting Cherapunji make sure to visit this place while in India.
the most unique bridges in the world 1
Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia: The bridge is constructed roughly over 2300 feet above sea level. People can also access the bridge via the cable car, and get a chance to view some of the most exotic mountain views. It is in Gunung Matchincang in Malaysia. The 400-meter pedestrian bridge does make its place in the top 10 when discussed some of the most unique bridges.
the most unique bridges in the world 2
Millau Bridge: It is the tallest bridge in the world and has also its top spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The bridge stands at an incredible height of 1125 feet tall almost touching the clouds in the sky. People traveling over this bridge can in fact experience almost like traveling through the sky. The bridge has been even awarded as one of the major engineering feats in the world with the Outstanding Structure Award in 2006. People visiting France must travel through this bridge at least once before finishing their trip.
the most unique bridges in the world 3

Oresund Bridge: This bridge is almost five miles and was completed in the year early 2000. Through this bridge, people can travel from Sweden to Denmark. The bridge is constructed completely with the help of cables which form the crust of this megastructure. Through this lane, people can now avoid both the seaways as well as airways when the need for travel from Sweden to Denmark or vice versa.
the most unique bridges in the world 4
These Bridges are a must-visit at least once in a lifetime just because of its engineering marvel and be awe of these structures.


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