Things to do in Portugal

Located alongside the Atlantic OceanPortugal does not tend to disappoint us during the visit as the place has some of the finest beachesspecial culinary disheslush green landscapes and last but not the least its People. Below are some of the best things that you can do in Portugal and have some of the best memories along the journey.

things to do in portugal
Madeira Beauty in Portugal

Oceanarium in Lisbon: Does knowing what lives beyond the seas mesmerizes you? Well, this place is surely suited for you. If you are traveling with someone special, alone or with your children the place is a must visit in Lisbon during the stay. This oceanarium in Lisbon gives you the opportunity to view the creatures that live in deep oceans. You can see sharks, stingrays, sea otters, different varieties of marine lives as well as penguins.

things to do in portugal 1
Oceanarium, Lisbon

Furnas Lake: In the middle of mud volcanoes and hot springs, lies the Furnas lake which is one of the top spots in the Azores. The lake is also termed as a crater lake due to its location. The brooding volcanic landscapes, as well as the hot springs, do make it an interesting option during your stay in the country. People visiting this place like hiking or canoeing and do not miss this option as well. If you are someone in the same category, then I would suggest you include this place for sure in your itinerary.

things to do in portugal 2
Furnas Lake, Portugal

Castle De Sao Jorge: The castle is still sitting strong in the hills of Lisbon even after 200 years. It was built in the 12th century by King Afonso Henriques which was later on renovated many times. The place is open to the public where one can view the ancient remains as well as the history behind the castle. It also gives a spectacular view of the entire city which can be viewed along the way.

things to do in portugal 3
Castle De Sao Jorge

Ria Formosa National Park: The National Park is in the Algarve, which is located in the southernmost region of Portugal. People visiting this park have the opportunity to view some of the rarest varieties of animals. One of the most renowned activities of the park is the bird tour. The price of expense is quite low and affordable to all individuals coming from different parts of the countries. Here as the entire stretch is along the shores, people can find some of the best kinds of seafood served at this place.

things to do in portugal 4
Ria Formosa National Park

Madeira: The scenic beauty of the place makes sure to attract a lot of population every year. The dramatic scenery and botanical beauty is something that enthralls everyone as well as can also be a dreamland for some of the folks. Though, the place does not have sands along the shores but filled with rocks and cliffs. The place has a thrilling cable car ride up to the Botanical Garden at the Monte Palace that everybody visiting the place must experience.

things to do in portugal 5
Madeira, Portugal

Other stuff that you can experience in Portugal is tasting one of the finest wines in the Douro Valley as well as visit the Wine villages and museum at this place, visit Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, climb the Torre de Belem, spend some cool time in Matosinhos Beach. Not to forget, visit Convento Do CristoUniversidade de Coimbra, as well as the famous museum in Lisbon the “Museu Calouste Gulbenkian”. As a whole, Portugal is a place that is a must visit for everyone at least once in their lifetime.


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