Top 10 Seaview restaurants in Naples

Located in the southernmost part of Italy, it is the regional capital of Campania. People often consider it as a place that has some of the best sea-view restaurants in Italy. Around 967,069 people reside in Naples. The third-largest municipality in Italy is a sure shot for tourists. The top-10 sea-view restaurants in Naples are described below in this blog.

La Terrazza:

There are a lot of best-rated restaurants in and around Italy, especially in Naples. It stands amongst the top ones across the place. People can taste different varieties of food over here ranging from the Mediterranean to European. One of the best places to be for Indians. The amazing sea view that one gets over here makes it one of the top restaurants in Naples.

top 10 seaview restaurants in NaplesLa Cantinella

Second, on the list is the La Cantinella restaurant. It is quite famous for Italian as well as Mediterranean dishes. It is surely recommended to the individuals visiting Naples for the first time. It is located quite near to the sea and people having lunch or dinner get a perfect sea view.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 1Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante

One of the top-ranked restaurants in Naples and most of the individuals visiting the place do recommend others to surely visit when in Naples. It is located quite close to the sea and provides a wide range of dishes like Neapolitan, Southern-Italian, Fusion, Healthy, contemporary, Campanian as well as vegan options.

top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 2Mammina Pizzeria e Cucina Genuina

 It is situated right next to the sea. What else do you need when in Italy? The restaurant has an excellent sea view and provides the best seafood, pasta, pizzas, and many more. You are bound to visit this restaurant while visiting Italy.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 3

Gelateria Bilancione

A sure spot to be in when you are interested in viewing the sunset in Italy. With an amazing gelato Ice cream, it surely makes the stay worthwhile in the city. People usually come here to taste ice cream and get to see the amazing sea views as well as the sunset in the city.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 4

‘A Fenestella

A perfect restaurant for the vegans. There are a lot of dishes available that are pure vegetarian. People wanting to try the Italian, the Mediterranean, as well as seafood, are also welcomed. Here food is served during lunch, dinner, as well as after-hours meaning that people thinking of spending the late-night alone, can get food from here.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 5


it is located at just one KM away from the seashore. If you have booked the Seaview table, that is the best part of being at this place. Not only it mesmerizes by serving a wide range of dishes but with the perfect view, one can simply stay all night looking at the sea.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 6II Comandante

A perfect place for romantic couples. With the sea view of the harbor, Capri as well as Vesuvius, along with the excellent Italian, Mediterranean dishes this does make a perfect place for the couples as well as individuals visiting Naples for the first time.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 7


Another restaurant with an unbelievable low price. People visiting this place an order Italian, barbeque grill dishes. It is located right near the sea giving the perfect view. A restaurant with the best qualities.
top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 8

La Scialuppa

The the restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner, business meetings, or for a person wanting to spend the time viewing the castle and sea while having the food.

top 10 seaview restaurants in Naples 9


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