Where to find Northern Lights in Alaska?

Northern Lights is something that everyone wishes to see once in a lifetime. Amongst the ones wanting to view the Northern Lights, I am also one of them. Most of the individuals across the world believe that Northern Lights can only be seen in Norway. To be frank, I had no idea that it can be viewed in another place as well. It is none other than Alaska.

Alaska is located along the Northwest Coast of the United States. It is more towards Asia and is the biggest state of the United States. The borders reach towards British Columbia Province of Canada as well as the territory of Yukon. The Pacific ocean covers the southern coast while the arctic ocean covers the northern part of the state. The seas Chukchi and Beaufort of the Arctic Ocean are located towards the north. It also has a maritime border with Russia’s Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. This one along the western side of the state.

where to find northern lights in alaska

Now that we know where Alaska is located in the United States as well as the basic knowledge of what covers its coastline, it is time to introspect on the question as to where to find Northern Lights in Alaska.

So here’s the answer. It is quite enthralling to know that we can see the Northern Lights from seven amazing places in the state.

1. Anchorage

The nearest spot in Alaska to watch the northern lights in Anchorage. It is just 300 KM from the main city. People deciding to visit this place, need to be prepared as the nights are quite colder in this part of the state.  Northern Lights are actually termed as Aurora Borealis. It occurs due to the collision of the particles near the northern poles, that reflect lights through these particles leading to an amazing spectacle view in the atmosphere.
It is quite obvious that the presence of the Aurora Borealis is natural and depends solely on the earth’s movement. So to maximize the chances of viewing this spectacle, the tourists are advised to spend at least a quarter of a week in Anchorage. Another thing is that this phenomenon occurs over 8 months, giving the individuals a greater chance of viewing the Aurora Borealis in this place.

where to find northern lights in alaska 1

2. Juneau

It is the capital of Alaska. For observing aurora in this region, one needs to be absolute before reaching this part of the state. Many websites provide the exact time and duration of the Northern Lights display in this region. When planned and arrived, the spectacle that one experience is amazing. It surely would be one of the best tours that you might have experienced over the years.

where to find northern lights in alaska 2

3. Barrow

It is located in the Northernmost part of Alaska. It takes a lot of courage for individuals to visit this place during the winter. The temperature during the winters drop quite low and people would surely need their gear to sustain the weather at this place. It is also that place where the hunting of whales began. It was considered to be one of the famous activities after the sled dog race. The Inupiat heritage center is another place that one should not miss while at this place. Here people get a chance to experience the winter games that are quite famous at this place. It surely makes you feel out of the world and an ecstatic adventure that one can imagine.

where to find northern lights in alaska 3

4. Denali National Park

The Aurora Borealis, a magnificent spectacle that one must surely experience in a lifetime can be fulfilled at this place. It is known that the phenomenon occurs only during the winter giving us immense time to schedule our time well before. One must also know that the last minute booking to these places causes hefty amounts as people from across the world want to visit this place. The Denali National Park is an amazing place for stargazing as well as enjoying the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis phenomenon. The three-hour tour provided in the Denali National Park involves star gazing, and the spectacular view of Northern Lights.

where to find northern lights in alaska 4

5. Coldfoot

It is another place where one can observe the Northern Lights spectacle. The reason for it being a suitable place is quite obvious. The Coldfoot is located just above the arctic circle. For a place to be quite suitable for Northern Lights, it needs to have weather just right for it to occur. Being located just above the arctic circle, the days entangled most of the hours during the summers, and during winters, it is mostly night. It also gives the tourists a chance to visit the Northern lights for 8 months. This is an amazing offer given by nature for all the individuals interested in viewing the Northern Lights. Another fact that goes along with Coldfoot is that it is located right underneath Aurora Oval.
Now you guys might be asking what aurora oval is?  The Northern Aurora Oval is termed as a brand that is responsible for encircling the north poles. It is this place where these solar flares colliding with the atmospheric particles to emit photons. Well, this is the reason for the presence of Aurora Borealis at its center.
Since during the winters, it is usually night for most of the hours, it gives us the best possibility of viewing the Northern Lights Aurora from the ColdFoot. So if you are ever visiting Alaska, during the winters, do not forget to view this amazing masterpiece of our mother nature.

where to find northern lights in alaska 5

6. Nome

Another place in Alaska where you can view the amazing aurora spectacle. It is not something that you might want to miss when in Alaska during the winter. The place is located quite close to the Iditarod trials that happens every winter over here. If a person likes dogs, then one can view more than 100 Canines here in this place. The Iditarod trail is quite famous for the sled dog race. The trial is around 1600 KM in the stretch and huge crowds gather at this place during the winter season. People will surely enjoy their time over here, as not only one gets a chance to view the sled dog race but also can try hands-on snow machine races, art shows, Ice crafts, bar game tournaments, and many more. Well, if you ask me in a word, it surely stands out as a complete package when on tour at this place.

where to find northern lights in alaska 6

7. Fairbanks

It can be stated as one of the easiest places to seize if one is quite eager to see the Northern Light spectacle in Alaska. The accommodations are available most of the time with the presence of Arura being quite often.  The Clear Summit is quite close to Fairbanks. It is another place that the tourists can visit as it has a spectacular view of the horizon. Another spot that one can add too while visiting this spot is the hot water spring pool which is also quite close to Fairbanks in Alaska.

where to find northern lights in alaska 7

Each of the places mentioned above has its own qualities and one will surely have an amazing experience while at these spots. Please let us know through your comments if you have ever seen the Northern Lights in Alaska or are planning to see it soon. Also, provide us with valuable feedback on what other topics that you might be interested in seeing over here.


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